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Developing a sliding blade snowplow


Developing a sliding blade snowplow

Merdanov Sh.М., Konev V.V., Polovnikov E.V.

Incoming article date: 28.08.2015

based on an analysis of the methods and schemes snow removal from roads and sidewalks it revealed that there is a snow plow, which would be cleaned in a single pass only the side of the road in the middle of the road cleared. At the same time to solve this problem are also two cars. In accordance with this work set a goal: increasing productivity snowplows. To explore this issue were based on the analysis of working bodies of snow plows developed and investigated a new type of dump actuator for snow removal from roads. It was determined that there is an additional resource to increase machine productivity. This is achieved by improving the design of the working body. This will not increase the resistance of the machine, because proposed symmetrical design with rotating blade and sliding half, which will reduce the resistance and to ensure stability.

Keywords: snow machine, snow removal from roads, snow removal scheme with roads, blade, working body