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Utviklingen av staten geodetic nettverk


Utviklingen av staten geodetic nettverk

Kalacheva N.A., Ulyanov A.V.

Incoming article date: 01.07.2015

There are many classifications of geodetic networks State geodetic network (hereinafter referred to as SCS) is based on a geometric plan, high-altitude (nivelirnye) and the spatial geodetic network. One of the main goals of building PCS is secret orienteering within the territory of the country. Classified data are a topographical plans, maps, aerial photographs, with great accuracy to identify the purpose or location of any object. Because of the wide use of PCS, ensuring their secrecy is produced in a variety of ways. In the construction industry before hitting the construction plans and maps staff, surveyors are retracted to plan all the framework design, which contains all the coordinates and used reference systems.

Keywords: Geodesy, geodetic networks, types of State geodetic network, the goal of building a State geodetic networks, safety and secrecy of State geodetic networks