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Electronic scientific journal: systematic goals and assessments


Electronic scientific journal: systematic goals and assessments

Rozin M. D., Svechkarev V. P.

Incoming article date: 30.09.2015

A modern trend of scientific publications development shifts toward the network environments to an even more considerable degree. In practice, the new culture of the scientific publications is forming on basis of the global and mini Internet-platforms. The discussion of the comprehension experience and overcoming the different rating problems is suggested in the context of a science webzine “Engineer bulletin of Don”. It is observed that as the position of science webzines becomes stronger in the common space of the science magazines, there is a tendency to revising their evaluation criterion. Besides, the implementation of rates or coefficients prevails, the applicability of which relative to the science webzines is exogenous, i.e. it disclaims the aims of the science webzines. The application of restrictions, worked out within the framework of the traditional paper book-printing technology, is indicated to be unpromising. A new level of the science environment systemacy is suggested to be supplemented with the formalization of scientific evaluation rations, already existing and successfully maintained de facto, within the framework of the webzines – the Internet-platforms.

Keywords: the electronic scientific journal, Internet platform, interdisciplinarity, open access, impact factor, ranking