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Ranking of management decisions in the system of regional risk management


Ranking of management decisions in the system of regional risk management

Murzin A.D.

Incoming article date: 09.07.2018

The study aims to develop objective methods for ranking management decisions on risk management in the socio-economic system of the region. Insufficient development and adaptation of the existing methodological framework for risk management to the tasks of analyzing the directions of development of socio-economic systems and insufficient use of accessible tools for management decisions generates situations of imbalance in the involvement of natural labor and material resources in the region's reproductive process, violations of harmony, systemic unity, principles of maximizing effect and replenishment factors of production, which entails a threat of failure to meet the target strengthening conditions and the synergy of risks. The study examined sources and risk factors of regional development, types and stages of risk management, expert evaluation of management alternatives for economic, environmental and social risks, explored the possibility of adapting the verbal analysis methodology for ranking management decisions. As a result of the work, a method of formalized analysis of supporting situations is proposed, which, in the context of regional risk management, can provide objective estimates of the preferences of management alternatives.

Keywords: ranking procedure, management decision-making, socio-economic system, risk management, region