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Dynamical choice of the order in the multirate adaptive filter


Dynamical choice of the order in the multirate adaptive filter

A.Yu. Linovich

Incoming article date: 28.10.2013

The new way of multirate adaptation is considered. The main idea is the filter ability to change the order of the filter automaticaly by the appropriate algorithm.
The power on the filter output consists of two components. The first one is caused by the impulse response truncation, and the other is caused by weights fluctuations in the adaptive processing. More weights contribute more noise in adaptive signal processing. The result of adaptive procedure is the choice of the best filter orders in every channel of the multi-channel structure.
The main interest of this investigation is in the adaptation of the multirate adaptive filter with the flexible structural self-organization.
Due to the use of dynamical order adaptation procedure in the subbands, it is possible to reduce the total amount of the computational operations without quality reducing. Beside it, decreasing of the filter orders in the separate channel promotes considerable increase of the signal-to-noise ratio in the output signal. These statements are approved by experiments with the equalization problem.
Different results of the computer modeling are supplied with proper comments.  

Keywords: adaptation, filter, multirate, signal, dynamical, order