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Electro-activation efficiency of foam concrete mixtures


Electro-activation efficiency of foam concrete mixtures

E.M. Scherban, S.A. Stelmakh, Yu.I. Goltsov, Kh.S. Yavruyan

Incoming article date: 18.11.2013

Analysis of the effectiveness of the electrophysical activation of foam concrete mixtures was completed. The raw materials and experimental technique are described. Results of estimation of the effectiveness and impact of alternating electric field on the foam concrete mixes was presented. As object of research was made the impact of factors such as the grading of the aggregate and the tension created by the electric field on the physico-mechanical properties of foam concrete made of electroactivated mixtures. Conclusions are made on the basis of the obtained experimental dependencies.

Keywords: Variable electric field, foam-concrete mix, activation, grain size of sand, coefficient of structural quality, gelation, interpore partition