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Mathematical modeling of an interaction of surface waves in open anisotropic gradient waveguides


Mathematical modeling of an interaction of surface waves in open anisotropic gradient waveguides

Kireeva A.I., Rudenok I.P.

Incoming article date: 07.10.2015

We presented theoretical studies which were related with a compositional system consisting of two regular anisotropic gradient planar structures in this article. The principal axes of tensors of the dielectric permittivity were coincided with axes of the Cartesian coordinate system when their components were generalized by the spatial distribution. We used a representation of a set of related fields for the surface waves by mixed spectrum of the regular symmetrical gradient anisotropic waveguides. We also used the system of coupled equations for the quasi-amplitude coefficients of the interacting modes, which was received in our previous work. Then we analyzed the effect of anisotropy, inhomogeneity in the transverse and longitudinal dependence of modal transformation. It was possible to trace the transformation of modes with maintaining of polarization and take into account the phase relations between the interacting modes and functions of changing of all material characteristics in connected structures and their dependence on parameters of the gradient components of the dielectric tensor in waveguide media. The possibility of effective control to the interaction between modes of the continuous spectrum due to changes in parameters and characteristics of compositional artificial medium was found out. A comparison of the losses in the casing and in the usual coupled system was done. The high reliability of all results was marked.

Keywords: connected regular anisotropic gradient structures, surface waves, parameters of the gradient components in the tensor of the dielectric permittivity, losses of directed waves