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Use virtual point for path-planning of vehicle in 3D


Use virtual point for path-planning of vehicle in 3D

Kulchenko A.E., Lazarev V.S.

Incoming article date: 30.11.2016

This paper represent a method of unstable modes and concept of virtual point applying to unmanned aerial vehicles in 3D. It describes details of unstable modes for vehicle control, as well as virtual point method in 3D and its procedure. As an example of vehicle, we use hexacopters. Paper shows simulation results for a number of cases: a flight from point to point in undetermined environment with obstacles and path-following in undetermined environment with obstacles. The efficiency of the method with various coefficients is analyzed. In conclusions we discuss about limits of the method and the recommendations of its use.

Keywords: unstable mode, hexacopter, vehicle, virtual point, UAV, obstacle, simulation, flight, position-trajectory control