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Electrical properties of magnetoresistive composites based on manganites


Electrical properties of magnetoresistive composites based on manganites

Kabirov Yu.V., Gavrilyachenko V.G., Bogatin A.S., Belokobilsky M.V., Chebanova E.V., Prutsakova N.V., Rusakova E.B., Gavrilyachenko T.V.

Incoming article date: 30.10.2018

The electrical properties of composites based on La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 (LSMO) synthesized at the percolation threshold have been studied: LSMO / Li4P2O7, LSMO / Sb2O3, LSMO / GeO2. The activation energies of these compounds have been determined. New ceramic materials with silver interlayers between LSMO manganite crystallites have been synthesized. The current-voltage characteristics for the LSMO / GeO2 series are given. The nonlinearity of the characteristics is most pronounced for compositions near the percolation threshold, 85% LSMO / 15GeO2.

Keywords: lanthanum strontium manganite, composite material, ceramics, one-step synthesis, magnetoresistance, percolation threshold, dielectric constant, barrier layer, tunneling, spin polarization