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Wireless sensors in the smart home control system


Wireless sensors in the smart home control system

Silaev A.A., Matrokhin A.E.

Incoming article date: 13.11.2018

Monitoring the condition of indoor objects is an important task of building management systems. To solve the problems of monitoring optimal use of wireless sensors. The purpose of the article is to consider wireless passive sensors that do not require a separate power source. A generalized block diagram of a system for monitoring the condition of objects inside the premises is presented. Two types of sensor data are given: on the basis of radio private identification and on the basis of surface acoustic waves. Their principle of action is revealed and the areas of application in smart home control systems are shown. It is revealed that modern technologies allow solving the problem of providing power to wireless sensors using an external electromagnetic signal.

Keywords: wireless passive sensor, RFID tag, temperature measurement, sensor based on surface acoustic waves