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Investigation stress concentration of construction elements of polycrystalline materials


Investigation stress concentration of construction elements of polycrystalline materials

Evdokimov E.E., Arzamaskova L.M., Klimenko V.I., Konovalov O.V.

Incoming article date: 28.11.2018

Structurally heterogeneous materials, in particular polycrystalline materials, have wide application in construction and technics. The higher values of local microstress in comparison to the average values of stress lead to the faster exhaustion of bearing capacity and destruction. Therefore, nonuniformity of microstress and microstrain depending on structure, physical and mechanical properties, should be taken in consideration when estimating bearing capacity, especially for the elements of construction with different stress concentrators. On the base of the physico-mechanical model of structurally heterogeneous body stress concentration for small-scale plates , made of polycrystalline materials with hexagonal lattice, with circular holes, at the case of uniaxial stress state, is investigated. It is shown that coefficients of stress concentration depending on anisotropy of elastic properties of polycrystalline materials can take values which considerably differ from values for isotropic body. Physico-mechanical model developed for structurally heterogeneous body allows studying local microstress in the construction elements at various stress states, with different forms and kinds of stress concentrators, which is the subject of the further research

Keywords: stress distribution, structural heterogeneity of the material, polycrystalline metals,microstress and microstrain, stress concentration