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Physical topological modeling of solar cells based on perovskites


Physical topological modeling of solar cells based on perovskites

Sayenko A.V., Malyukov S.P., Paliy A.V., Turina L.V., Kapinos A.A.

Incoming article date: 15.12.2018

The article is devoted to the problem of theoretical research and development of perovskite-based solar cells to optimize their design and increase efficiency. The paper presents a numerical simulation of the transfer and accumulation of charge carriers in the planar p – i – n heterostructure of a solar cell. The simulation is based on a stationary physico-topological model based on the diffusion-drift system of semiconductor equations. The efficiency of solar cells for different perovskite film thickness was obtained. It has been established that the maximum efficiency of the optimized design of a solar cell is about 27% with a perovskite film thickness of 500-700 nm and a defect concentration in it of the order of 1012 cm-3.

Keywords: Numerical simulation, solar cell, perovskite, film thickness, defect concentration, current-voltage characteristic