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Some features of the ecological situation of The Miussky estuary


Some features of the ecological situation of The Miussky estuary

Vishnevetskiy V.Yu., Popruzhnyy V.M.

Incoming article date: 20.12.2018

The ecological state of the Miussky estuary – the most important water object from the point of view of reproduction and cultivation of the fish which is territorially located in an ancient mouth of the channel of the river Mius and connected with Taganrog Bay of the Azov sea is considered. The uniqueness of the water body lies in the fact that the natural waters of The Mius estuary make up the flow of the river Mius mixed with the sea waters of the Taganrog Bay, especially during periods of strong upland phenomena caused by weather conditions. The data of hydrochemical monitoring for 2016-2018 are used for the assessment, the dynamics of water quality changes according to the UKIZV index is considered and the component-by-component analysis of the concentrations of indicators that have the greatest impact on the negative ecological state of the water body is carried out.

Keywords: MPC, Miusskaya estuary, water quality, UKIZV, aluminum, Fe, petroleum products (PP)