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On the use of air-supported structures


On the use of air-supported structures

Kudasova A.S., Tyutina A.D., Bashirov E.B., Turyanskaya V.A., Nuriev V.E.

Incoming article date: 29.05.2019

The authors of this article considered some aspects related to the history, manufacture and operation of temporary public pneumatic structures in an urban environment. In recent years, pneumatic structures have been used quite often and successfully as multipurpose portable temporary structures for public use. They are an excellent alternative to traditional capital structures made of steel, concrete, bricks. The authors showed design differences and features of air-supported and air-inflatable buildings, described in detail the areas of their application, advantages and disadvantages. This article discusses the characteristics of the material used for coating pneumatic structures, modern innovative trends in the production of multilayer composite membranes. The authors of this article conclude about the possibility of expanding the use of pneumatic structures instead of traditional portable temporary public buildings.

Keywords: air support building, temporary structure, pneumatic structure, membrane, dome, inflatable structure, temporary structure, mobile structure, composite material, long-span structure, multi-purpose space