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On the issue of creating a universal taxation instrument


On the issue of creating a universal taxation instrument

Galaktionov O.N., Suкhanov Yu.V., Vasilev A.S., Kempi E.A.

Incoming article date: 22.03.2022

The development of technical devices in almost all industries is aimed at creating universal devices that allow performing several operations. The forest industry is no exception. The creation of a taxation tool that provides the ability to perform several measuring operations, which is the goal of the work, will increase the efficiency of the taxator while reducing the physical load on him due to the need to have fewer measuring instruments with him. All this indicates the relevance of this work. To achieve this goal, a number of tasks were solved in the course of the work, the main of which were: analysis of known designs of taxation instruments, synthesis of new technical solutions for their unification, patenting of a new technical solution. The use of system analysis made it possible to achieve the set goal, to propose a new patentable solution for a taxation device that combines the functions of an altimeter and a full gauge. The approach described in the paper to the creation of new designs of universal taxation devices can be used in teaching engineering creativity to students.

Keywords: full gauge, altimeter, taxation, forestry