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Surface characteristics of cobalt catalysts on NaX zeolite


Surface characteristics of cobalt catalysts on NaX zeolite

Larina M.V., Chistyakova N.S., Pyatikonova V.V., Polyakova M.S., Sementsova A.V., Shilov M.A.

Incoming article date: 14.07.2021

The physicochemical properties of cobalt catalysts on a NaX zeolite support have been studied. The parameters of the specific surface area, reduction of deposited cobalt, and structural properties of the active component of catalytic systems have been determined. To establish these properties, the methods of BET, TPR, TPD-H2, IR spectroscopy were used. It is shown that the preparation procedure has a significant effect on the physicochemical characteristics of the samples.

Keywords: catalysts, cobalt, zeolite, dispersion, specific surface area of the active component