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  • Latest Nanotechnology (review)

    This article is an overview of the latest nanotechnology. Advancing the development of nanotechnology in the world due to the use of such areas as microelectronics, special materials, energy and military equipment. Given in the article data show widespread use of new nanotechnologies in various branches of engineering. 

    Keywords: nanotechnology, nanotubes, graphene transistors, microelectronics

  • Convergence of the method of theoretical modeling X-ray absorption spectra for Ru XANES L 2,3-edges in the density functional theory (DFT) crystals as an example [Ru (NH3) 6 3 +

    The results of analysis of computational aspects of the method of obtaining the XANES spectra for Ru L2 ,3-edges by integrating the dipole transition matrix elements involving DFT. The convergence of the numerical integration procedure for the parameters used in the earlier papers, crystals as an example [Ru (NH3) 6] 3 +. More specifically, it is proved that it is possible to use a small area of ​​integration and big enough step between points, which helps to minimize the requirements for computing power and offers the prospect of using this method for the simulation of the XANES spectra in coordinated ruthenium catalysts for splitting water research in the field of solar energy.
    Keywords: RuLedge, XANES, DFT, density functional theory, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, geksoaminoruteny, Ru (NH3) 6.


  • Impact of the crisis on marketing activities and management of company

    In a crisis, the lack of market information, enterprise management deficiencies make weak, lacking immunity to environmental changes. Possession of full information about the market and carefully developed on the basis of this strategy becomes a kind of protection companies in any economic environment. Crisis opens visionary companies huge business prospects. He usually initiates redistribution of the market and here are the winners of which will be able to use the opportunities presented by the downturn. In these circumstances, the company purchased a flexible active marketing policy for a soft exit from the crisis or prevent it by adequate anti-crisis measures and effective management of the company.
    Keywords: crisis, a symptom, panic, excitement, diagnostics, monitoring the marketing environment, anti-crisis measures.


  • Reasons for marriage in precision casting technology and troubleshooting

    The article describes the three main causes of marriage exactly litena production. Suggests ways to address them. 
    Keywords: Marriage in precision casting, a type of marriage, the reasons for marriage.


  • Application simulation software package ChemCAD in training complex automation systems for the study of distillation units

    When teaching students the basics of automatic control in the food, chemical and petrochemical industries have difficulty with the lack of opportunities for experiments on real objects. This article discusses the possibility of using software modeling complex ChemCAD to study the process of rectification to simulate real object to its mathematical model, to conduct research of static and dynamic regimes, to study the characteristics of various systems of regulation processes.
    Keywords: rectification, ChemCAD, simulation, simulator, automation.


  • Test models of screw piles

    The article investigates the deformation characteristics and screw piles. Presented the procedure of production models piles and preparation of test rig. Results are given trough experiments performed in the laboratory. 
    Keywords: screw pile, pile drilling, soil, foundation bearing capacity, settlement, testbench.


  • Analysis of corrosive wear loaded hollow sphere

    This paper considers the behavior of a hollow sphere loaded external and internal pressures. Furthermore, the cavity occurs uniformly distributed over the surface of corrosive wear, leading to an increase in the cavity volume. Solution of the problem is determined limit time corresponding to the achievement of the second invariant of the stress tensor limit value for points cavity. 
    Keywords: corrosion, wear, hollow ball, pressure limit, the time limit.


  • Analysis of methodological approaches to the choice of de-dusting equipment when operating power unit ABZ

    When constructing a model process for the site contamination suction inert materials as process equipment, we considered power unit ABZ. Evaluate the effectiveness of the basic techniques for the selection of equipment to capture pollutants and cleaning them from the air. 
    Keywords: asphalt plant, dust particles, pollutants, dust removal system.


  • Assessment of the actual VAT designs residential building in Belovo Kemerovo on the results of the survey instrument

    In this paper, on the example of spatial mechanical and mathematical model of a residential building in an emergency Belovo Kemerovo area the opportunity to assess the actual condition of buildings and structures on the basis of geodetic observations and a series of numerical experiments. The obtained data were used to develop the methodology for assessing the technical condition of buildings and structures on the basis of monitoring. 
    Keywords: erratic rainfall, geodetic observations, finite element model.


  • Numerical and experimental determination of gamma-percent resource boom shovel for the general population of finite volume

    The paper proposes a method for calculating the gamma - percentage fatigue life boom shovel for a set of finite volume, using the analytical method of determining the parameters of the Weibull law. 
    Conducted a computational experiment showed that the method allows to obtain gamma percentage fatigue life boom shovel through the transition from sample data to aggregate data. 
    Keywords: resource boom, excavator, aggregate, Weibull.


  • Resistance keramzito-fiber-reinforced concrete columns nemnogokratno repeated loading

    The effect of not repeatedly re-exposure to the compressive strength of concrete elements of expanded clay-fiber concrete. The experimental results of reinforced concrete columns after repeated unambiguous and alternating loadings. The influence of repeated loading regimes on the bearing capacity, deformation and fracture of columns. Proposed dependence of the bearing capacity of the columns on the level of repeated loadings.
    Keywords: Keramzitofibrobeton, bearing capacity, crack, deformation, reinforced concrete column, mixed reinforcement.


  • Algorithm and software implementation of adaptive learning method of artificial neural networks

    The article offers a general gradient methods for all-adaptive method. With the help of an experimental environment was developed by a comparative analysis of gradient methods of finding the minimum. As a result of experiments, it was found that the adaptive method for approaching to a minimum minimal number of iterations. Thus encouraged to use this method in the optimization of the error function, artificial neural network training. 
    Keywords: neural networks, gradient methods, teaching methods, analysis of optimization techniques.


  • Study of possible cathode intercalation of alkali metal platinum under an alternating pulse current

    • Abstract

    The work investigated the cathode intercalation process alkali metal platinum under the influence of the alternating pulse current of aqueous and non-aqueous solutions containing alkali metal cations. By means of the method of pulse chronopotentiometry found that processes taking place at the platinum cathode polarization in water (neutral and alkaline) and in non-aqueous electrolytes include electrochemical adsorption and intercalation of solvent molecules into the adsorption layer of alkali metal ions. When this surface is oxidized in the intercalation platinum milder than pure platinum.
    Keywords: Cathodic intercalation, the intercalation capacity, platinum.


  • Improving data processing using cloud computing

    The proposed technique author improvement of data processing reduces costs for the purchase of servers and networking equipment. Described cloud models will enhance the reliability of IT resources and contribute to the flexibility of the IT infrastructure. 
    Keywords: cloud computing, data processing, security of IT resources, the cloud properties, types of computing server.


  • Priority planning processes of information in the CAM

    The article examines the construction of control plans and priorities ranks of information procedures for the implementation of the optimal information management in an automated information system. Constitute the basis for planning the hash ranks and priorities of both the subjects and objects of information interaction. The optimization process is provided by a choice of grades and corresponding control plans that define the extreme values ​​of the objective function of the system.
    Keywords: rank, priority, plan, information services, information procedure.


  • Developing an algorithm of fuzzy adaptive management project metadata

    Based machine adaptation developed an algorithm that adaptively adjust the parameters of the membership function of design data. Adjustment parameters of the membership function is proposed based on the analysis of the reaction of the designer on the query results. This approach allows you to adjust power supplies design solutions to the corresponding values ​​of logical variables based on subjective opinions of experts consecutive. The presence of a mechanism of adaptation helps to reduce the impact of one-off, drop out of the general concept, opinions.
    Keywords: automatic adaptation fuzzy data correction.


  • Study of the dynamics of washing machines in the spin cycle

    The questions devoted to the study of influence of mass textile articles vibroaktivnosti drum type washing machine with a horizontal axis of rotation at a centrifugal spinning. Feature of research is accounting change in mass production during the spin cycle when calculating the amplitude of transverse vibrations, including during acceleration and passing the resonance zone. The object of investigation used a modern model of household washing machine. Initial operating parameters were varied, based on the actual values ​​for the machines of this type. In a paper on the study the graphs, the analysis of the data obtained. The results can be used to study the dynamics of washing machines to improve their vibration isolation systems.
    Keywords: Washing machines, dynamics, vibration amplitude, the influence of mass products.


  • Manufacturing technology forms of bicomponent silicone compounds

    In this paper, we describe fully all the stages of plastic forms. The advantages of using "Pentelast-710." Due to its ease of use, environmental, security, diversity of products offered, two-component silicone rubber is a promising structural material. 
    Keywords: "Pentelast-710" Viksint U-18, platemaking technology.


  • Principles of risk management strategy OSH

    Proposed a mechanism for determining risk management strategies of labor protection, using the principle of ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable). This approach implies the maximum possible risk reduction achieved by actually available, but often limited resources of the enterprise. Results of risk control, including the choice of variability between conservation (abolition), decrease (prevention) or the transfer of risk. 
    Keywords: risk, risk management, risk control, health and safety.


  • Features of the state policy in the sphere of informatization of education in modern Russia

    The article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the use of information technologies in education, the development of the individual's role in connection with the transformation of modern society, a new type of teacher preparation. Analyzes bearing on the state of higher education and innovation in educational practice. 
    Keywords: information society informatization of education, information technology.


  • Diagnosis evolution meso tier subregional postdepression PEST-based analysis of the development of the local grain-food market of the Eastern Donbass

    Development and improvement of local markets zernoprodovolstvennyh mining areas, as well as regional transaction sector agro-industrial complex of the Eastern Donbass centers contribute to the formation of institutional modernization of the regional economy. To identify the political, economic, social and technological factors in the external macro-environment that may significantly affect the business, structuring and formulation of the organization's strategy is an important analysis of institutional and market coordinates held in accessible form PEST-analysis.
    Keywords: region, local market, the institutional environment, PEST-analysis, macro environment, trade, protectionism, state support.


  • Preliminary evaluation of the heat transfer tubes of complex configuration

    Offered graphic-analytical method of estimating loss on heat transfer in tubes on the basis of experiments Myuraura. 
    Keywords: pipe, heat transfer product, pressure, speed, complex configuration.


  • Model optimization solutions to reduce the risk of occupational safety

    The article describes the risk management model of labor protection, which allows to analyze the magnitude and risk management decisions aimed at its reduction to an extent corresponding to an acceptable risk. 
    Mathematical description of the model takes into account the limited resources available for the implementation of labor protection measures, as well as the interests of all stakeholders. 
    Keywords: risk, risk management, health and safety, the mathematical model.