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  • Reviews, suggestions and discussions

  • Modern features of the cadastral valuation of agricultural land

    The article is devoted to the issues of conducting a cadastral valuation of land, including agricultural land. The author's methods of Russian and foreign researchers are analyzed, the problems of modern cadastral valuation of land resources are identified.

    Keywords: mass assessment, pricing factors, cadastral value, fertility, agricultural land, land plot

  • The method of strengthening the damaged sections of reinforced concrete supports of power transmission lines by replacing the metal working reinforcement

    Construction practice shows that in addition to the need to strengthen the supporting structures of buildings and structures, there is a need for repair and restoration work of reinforced concrete power transmission line supports. With local damage, followed by corrosion of the internal reinforcement, which plays the most important role in containing the resulting bending moments, modern reinforcement methods are either expensive or impossible to perform. In this scientific work, a proposal is presented to strengthen such structures by replacing damaged metal rods with new ones, while new rods are connected to existing special ferrules. The reinforcement process ends with the sealing of damaged areas with high-strength putty. The paper presents the amplification technology and presents all the positive properties of the new amplification method.

    Keywords: heavy concrete, power transmission line support, reinforced concrete, compressed elements, coupling, reinforcement

  • Method of reinforcing damaged sections of reinforced concrete pylons of annular cross-section power transmission lines with prestressed reinforcement

    Reinforced concrete structures with prestressed reinforcement are a problem when it is necessary to restore or strengthen them, especially when the prestressed reinforcement is damaged or has significant corrosion. Typically, such structures have large dimensions or cover large spans. Given the scale of work to replace such structures, the development of options for strengthening or restoration is an urgent issue. One of the most complex structures with prestressed reinforcement is a high-rise power line support with an annular section. Its work in the natural environment is exposed to destructive factors that lead to the removal and destruction of prestressed reinforcement. This article is devoted to the development of a method for strengthening the damaged section of the reinforced concrete pylon of a power transmission line by replacing and prestressing the destroyed rod. The paper presents the technology of the amplification method and the main positive properties.

    Keywords: heavy concrete, power transmission line support, reinforced concrete, compressed elements, threaded coupling, reinforcement

  • Physical and mathematical sciences. Physics

  • Remote determination of natural surface temperatures in the infrared (IR) region of the spectrum

    This article is devoted to the issues of remote sensing of natural surfaces in order to determine their temperatures by their own radiation in the infrared (IR) region of the spectrum. The basics of the radiometric method are briefly described, the factors influencing the result of remote measurements are analyzed. A formula is obtained by which the influence of ambient radiation (background) reflected from the studied surface on the result of thermodynamic temperature measurement is calculated. The calculation takes into account the emissivity of the reference black body, according to which the IR radiometer was calibrated, the background radiation temperature during calibration of the device and is performed for two spectral ranges located in the transparency window of the atmosphere. The calculation results are relevant for improving the accuracy of remote sensing of temperature fields of natural objects.

    Keywords: remote sensing, IR radiation, IR radiometer, temperature field, energy brightness, background radiation, blackbody, optical flux, radiation temperature, emissivity

  • Research of the geometric factors of the visual illusion that occurs when assessing the distances between the edges of objects

    The article is devoted to the study of the optical-geometric illusion that arises when estimating the distances between the edges of objects (in particular, circles). The subject of the study is the geometric factors that affect the magnitude of the illusion. The purpose of the study is aimed at obtaining quantitative estimates of the visual illusion and revealing the nature of the dependence of the magnitude of the illusion on its geometric parameters. The research method in this work was to conduct a computer experiment (testing) with subsequent statistical analysis of the data obtained as a result of the experiment. It has been established that the dependence of the magnitude of the distance illusion on the orientation factor has a periodicity of decrease-increase in the magnitude of the illusion when the test structure is rotated, while the maximum values ​​of the illusion are recorded at such a rotation of the test object, when the subject observes it in a vertical position. It is also confirmed that the illusion of distance is linearly dependent on the diameter of the circles: the larger the diameter of the circles, the brighter the illusion.

    Keywords: visual perception, visual illusions, optical-geometric illusions, Muller-Lyer illusion, distance illusion, geometric parameters of visual illusions

  • Technical science. Informatics, computer facilities and management

  • Means for accelerating the execution of tasks with a large amount of input / output operations in a heterogeneous computing system

    This article is devoted to the possibility of using random access memory as a pluggable disk array in order to speed up calculations within a heterogeneous computing system. The problems of using a RAID array of hard drives as the main disk space for storing data generated by applications for a heterogeneous system of tasks are considered. The principles of using random access memory as a disk space are presented, as well as the features of connecting to the thus obtained data storage via a network.

    Keywords: parallel computing, file system, random access memory, mounting, heterogeneity, computer complex

  • Modeling the interaction between the university and its industrial partner

    The article uses the mathematical apparatus of the theory of linear-quadratic differential games, as well as the method of qualitatively representative scenarios to build a mathematical model of interaction between the university and its industrial partner. The analytical solution of the game (Nash equilibrium) is obtained and the numerical solution of the problem is demonstrated.

    Keywords: linear-quadratic differential games, optimization, mathematical modeling, method of qualitatively representative scenarios, game theory

  • Development of a service for generating word forms in corpus linguistics

    The subject of research is the development of a service for generating various forms of a given word based on the analysis of words found in the dictionary. The available approaches to solving such a problem were studied and the most relevant one was chosen. The service searches inside the dictionary file with text content in order to automate the process of selecting the necessary words among the entire set. The search for the stem of the word is performed, taking into account the morphology. Performing a morphological analysis of a word, a common basis for all its grammatical forms is found, cutting off suffixes and endings. As a result, the service algorithm allows you to search for all forms of a word by a given keyword, taking into account word forms. At the same time, it also analyzes which part of speech the word belongs to, this allows you to set different methods for determining word forms. For each type of word: verb, noun, adjective, adverb, its own algorithm is used to highlight word forms. The peculiarity of the service is that it allows you not only to search for word forms in the dictionary, but also allows you to generate sets of word forms based on the type of a given word. The service operates on the Linux platform under the control of the Apache web server. Free software tools were used for development. The development was carried out in JavaScript, HTML and CSS, the server-side programming language PHP7 was also used.

    Keywords: search engine, document analysis, linguistics, word forms, morphology, word generation, web service

  • Simulation of the interaction wheel tire with the supporting base of the support-running module

    This paper presents the results of a study of the interaction of the wheel tire with the support surface of the support-running module during the movement of the wheeled vehicle. The creation of a mathematical model of the movement of the wheel on the support base of the support-running module is given. For this, a design scheme for the movement of the wheel along the supporting surface of the support-running module was presented, and the following equations were given: the dynamics of the drive wheel; normal reaction and reaction vector of the interaction of the wheel tire with the support base; partial slip friction coefficient for cohesive soils and slip coefficient. Simulation modeling was carried out using the MATLAB Simulink environment, which allows, on the basis of a given mathematical model, to study the system being developed. When using this system, there is a reduction in the cost of expensive physical prototypes and an increase in the quality of products, as a result of an increase in the accuracy of calculations.

    Keywords: wheel tyre, suspension module, wheeled vehicle, MATLAB Simulink, mathematical model, modeling

  • Technique for the implementation of the logistics of customs operations and customs clearance at the present stage

    The paper considers the features of customs operations and customs clearance, both in the pre-sanction period and during the period of sanctions, on the part of foreign states, when importing goods into the Russian Federation.

    Keywords: customs administration, Eurasian Economic Union, foreign economic activity, import of goods, export of goods, sanction, customs procedure, customs control, customs authority, customs operation, customs declaration

  • The use of neural network modeling in the management of emergency response processes on the territory of Penal System institutions

    The paper considers the use of an artificial neural network for modeling a control system for extinguishing large fires in the institutions of the Penal System, considered as a queuing system, for calculating the parameters of which a trained neural network can be used, which allows to quickly assess the effectiveness of the system in rapidly changing conditions.

    Keywords: emergency response, fire safety, queuing system, artificial neural network

  • Institutional development of the region and the criterion for its determination

    In the article the authors consider the influence of development institutions on the formation of the knowledge economy, it is proposed to evaluate their quality in the form of an index of institutional development. A method of evaluation based on objective indicators is proposed. A model for ranking regions is presented, including the calculation of indicators, on the basis of which a comprehensive integral assessment of the index of regional institutional development is carried out.

    Keywords: knowledge economy, regional economy, innovation economy, innovation activity, socio-economic development, institutional infrastructure

  • Algorithmization of the software of the microprocessor device for active control of the grinding process of bearing rings

    Software algorithms for a microprocessor device for active control of the grinding process of bearing rings have been developed.

    Keywords: grinding, active control, microcontroller, active control device, active control device software

  • Prospects for the development of cyber intelligence

    The development of cyber intelligence as a new way of detecting information (information technology) objects in cyberspace is considered, its relationship with the OSI network model is shown, the development of cyber intelligence systems in everyday conditions is determined. Models of information technology object detection systems in the conditions of a complex electronic environment in the information space are presented.

    Keywords: cyber intelligence, classification, cyberspace, detection, information and technical objects

  • Development of an automated system of electric power saving of the Ice Palace using a thermal accumulator.

    With the right approach, the heat generated by chillers in an indoor ice rink can be used to melt ice, a dehydration system, or to heat a concrete pad under a layer of ice. In this way, energy can be saved. For the purpose of accumulation and subsequent distribution of thermal energy in the building, a reservoir that accumulates heat can be used. Heat is removed from the chiller condenser by a water cooling circuit, which is connected to the coil of an indirect heating boiler (heat accumulator). The coil heats the water that circulates in the heating circuit. Since the load on the ice can change during the day, heat extraction will occur in different amounts. For efficient transfer of thermal energy from one heat exchanger to another, it is necessary to control the speed of rotation of the pump impeller so that the controlled function is maximum. If the speed is insufficient, then the heat exchange flow will receive less heat. On the contrary, if the drive drives antifreeze too quickly, then the coolant will not have time to heat up. A mathematical model of the system was compiled from a plant condenser and a boiler with heated water, a dependence on the speed of the coolant (antifreeze) and the temperature difference at the inlet and outlet of the accumulator was revealed.

    Keywords: heat accumulator, temperature control, shell-and-tube heat exchanger, optimal regulator, freon

  • Solving the problem of detection and identification n-dimensional information and technical objects by using cybernetic space

    The article discusses the use of cybernetic space for the detection of n-dimensional information technology objects and their subsequent identification. A conceptual model of a multidimensional intelligence and search system is presented, the intelligence cycle of searching for information and technical objects is described, as well as the relationship of radio intelligence with cybernetic intelligence.

    Keywords: identification, information technology object, infosphere, cyberspace, detection, intelligence, intelligence cycle, recognizing

  • Model of gueuing in the sustem of logistic interaction of the railway with the seaport

    An intermodal interaction of a railway station with a marine port is described as a queuing system. The main subsystems "carriage-port" and "vessel-port" are described in details, a characteristic of the respective claims and service devices is given. A detailed substantiation of the selected classes of queuing models is presented. The paper contains a description of the problem domain, a conceptual model and its mathematical formalization and identification. A discrete-event mechanism forms the modeling base.

    Keywords: directed graphs, differential games, dynamic control models, marketing research, social networks

  • Preparing data for event clustering in information security logs

    The article shows that the preparation of data for further use in algorithms plays an important role and this should be given attention. raw data is often corrupted and unreliable: it may contain out-of-range values ​​(noise), outliers (outliers), and gaps (missing values). Data Preparation is a very time-consuming iterative process that takes up to 80% of all resource and time costs in the life cycle and includes the following tasks of processing initial ("raw") data: data sampling, data cleaning, feature generation, integration, formatting. Data exploration consists in studying the following steps: summarizing data, grouping data, exploring relationships between different attributes. Cluster analysis is a data analysis technique used to find groups that share common attributes (also called grouping). An algorithm of actions for preparing data within the framework of information security log events for further clustering is given.

    Keywords: data, data clustering, events, information security log, algorithm, Data Mining, Data Preparation, dataset, Machine Learning

  • Analysis of the operation of the batch installation program for liquid processing of fabric with subsequent drying, written in the LD language

    The article is devoted to the control system for the process of moving textile material in an apparatus for impregnating fabrics with periodic action. The control is implemented using a programmable logic controller (PLC). We consider a program developed in the Ladder Diagram (LD) programming language that implements motion control taking into account the change in torque.

    Keywords: solution, immersion, technological process, algorithm, programming language LD

  • Translation of neural network models into program code in a high-level programming language

    This paper presents the principle of operation of the algorithm for translating a graphical representation of neural network models into a program code within the framework of a neural network repository. Based on the obtained data structure, it is possible to carry out sequential generation of program code in a general-purpose programming language.

    Keywords: neural network model, neural network, repository, graph model, programming, translation, spatial data, algorithm, topology, architecture

  • Analysis of information flows in the operational communication channels of the Fire Service of the Russian Emergencies Ministry

    This article discusses the issues of collecting, processing and analyzing information flows in the operational communication channels of the fire service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia on the example of the territorial fire and rescue garrison of the Volgograd region.

    Keywords: operational communications, fire and rescue garrison, crisis management center, dispatcher, information load, special line "01", information and telecommunication technologies, FPS detachment, fire protection units

  • Using the nested metagraph construct to model complex systems

    Meta- and hypergraph representations allow reducing the amount of processed data without losing the original information. This advantage determines the most promising area for their application: the problems of big data analysis, provided that this data can be described using a graph representation. The article proposes an approach to modeling hierarchical systems based on nested metagraphs. Category theory is used to eliminate ambiguity in the interpretation of concepts. Formalized descriptions of static and dynamic nested metagraphs, methods for defining them, as well as basic operations are given. The basis of concepts, nested metagraphs is a monoid, as an information object, which is characterized by an internal form, internal and external contents. Thus, a monoid is a generalization of a graph structure and is interpreted as a vertex of a generalized graph.

    Keywords: nested metagraph, metagraph monoid, metagraph adjacency matrix, operations on nested metagraphs