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  • Management of territorial systems of the cultural landscape

    The article is devoted to solving the important problem of developing interactive maps that reflect the diversity of natural and historical heritage in cultural landscapes in order to solve the problem of managing the territorial systems of a cultural landscape. The main objects of mapping are natural-social-production systems - metageosystems, their recreational and tourist potential and the degree of its development. Results. The interactive map "Natural and cultural heritage of the Republic of Mordovia" was developed using the methods of object-oriented design, UI / UX design and programming and implemented as a web portal, the core of which is semantic search and geodata visualization tools. The methodology presented in the article for developing a digital interactive map of tourist and recreational metageosystems is based on geoinformation modeling and the effective use of diverse information about the region.

    Keywords: geoportals, cultural landscape, spatial data infrastructure, management in organizational systems, spatial data, decision making

  • Optimization of the operating parameters of the direct-acting heat exchanger

    The work is devoted to ensuring the completeness of mixing of gas coolants into a direct-acting heat exchanger by optimizing the geometry of the mixing chamber, in particular the addition of a funnel. Four funnel configurations in the range of 45°-180° are considered. The problem is solved in a stationary formulation by numerical simulation in the OpenFOAM environment. A 14-fold increase in the uniformity of mixing is shown when using a 45° funnel compared to a cylindrical mixing chamber.

    Keywords: heat exchanger, mixing heat exchanger, efficiency improvement, outgoing flue gas, numerical modeling, heat recovery

  • Application of neural network approaches for segmentation of geospatial images in solving problems of managing territorial districts

    Background. The solution of design problems in the field of territorial systems management is based on the need for automated analysis of large arrays of geospatial data, including space imagery materials. The purpose of the article is to study and develop effective methods for the semantic segmentation of images containing geospatial data. Methods and materials. The paper studies and uses methods and algorithms for increasing the accuracy and speed of the neural network of the U-Net architecture. Results. Comprehensive studies have been carried out on configuring the U-Net convolutional neural network, in particular, image restoration by nearest neighbor interpolation, adding thinning layers to the architecture. Conclusions. The presented approaches for configuring the U-Net neural network made it possible to increase the accuracy of recognition by the Jaccard metric by 2-3% and increase the speed by 2 times.

    Keywords: artificial neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, convolutional neural networks, u-net, semantic segmentation, pattern recognition, geospatial data

  • Development of the structure of the Internet portal for organizing online tutoring

    The article studies the relevance of online tutoring, considers various existing systems for organizing online tutoring, identifies their strengths and weaknesses, and identifies the most relevant functions of the considered services. The design of the architecture of the developed software product is considered. The goals for further research are defined.

    Keywords: online tutoring, tutor, online learning, design patterns, application architecture, information system

  • System for predicting electricity consumption in food production based on streaming data

    The purpose of this work is to implement a system for predicting electricity consumption in food production and to select the most appropriate method for training the forecasting model. In this work, a system was implemented for predicting electricity consumption based on streaming data, which receives them in "real time". The system is implemented on the principle of microservice architecture, where the following were implemented: a service for collecting data from meters, a service for data aggregation and forecasting services. Two forecasting services were implemented: using the classical learning approach based on the ARIMA model and the online learning approach using the HATR online model, the results of which were compared using tests for predicting anomalous values and forecasting under conditions of a change in the data concept, or drift concepts.

    Keywords: machine learning, online learning, online model, concept drift, data drift

  • Noise levels in the mainline territories of a linear city and ways to deal with it

    Noise pollution of the air is considered to be an excess of the natural level of the background noise or a sharp fluctuation and change in such sound characteristics as the frequency of the sound wave and the strength of the sound stream. The article considers noise levels in the mainline territories in a linear city.

    Keywords: linear city, traffic noise, highways, air environment, landscaping, equivalent noise level, row of planting, arboretum composition

  • Markov model of relaxation and aging processes fibrous materials

    The concept of a fibrous material (hereinafter referred to as FM) as a soft structure formed by fiber elements surrounded by air and areas of fiber interaction on touch surfaces is proposed and substantiated. The fiber elements are in a deformed state. The deformation of the fibers is reversible, elastic-elastic. In the areas of interaction between the fibers, the forces of adhesion and dry friction act. The deformation of the fibers leads to the preservation of residual internal energy in the material. At low loads, the FM can change its state reversibly. At high loads, the structure of the interaction sites irreversibly changes. The processes of aging and degradation of FM are gradual irrevocable transitions from one group of states to others. The dynamics of these processes is statistical in nature. Therefore, a Markov model of state change has been developed in the form of several subsets of irrevocable subsets and one ergodic subset of states. At the qualitative level, the possibility of using the proposed model to describe the dynamics of FM aging processes and estimate the duration of this process, taking into account its probabilistic and statistical nature, is shown.

    Keywords: fibrous material, aging, soft structure, elasto-elastic deformation, irreversible process, markov model, statistical dynamics

  • Construction of social facilities in the development of territories of integrated development on the example of Rostov-on-Don

    The article considers the assessment of the construction of social facilities in the development of territories of integrated development on the example of Rostov-on-Don. As part of this, the analysis of the territorial needs of the city of Rostov-on-Don in the construction of social institutions, spatial analysis of the placement of territories of complex development was carried out. A project for the construction of a preschool institution using green technologies has been developed and the effect of the results of the construction of the projected preschool institution has been calculated.

    Keywords: сonstruction, preschool, integrated development, territory, project, urban environment

  • Enrichment of a sequences set in the problem of blocks of symmetric Hadamard matrices searching

    The search for orthogonal and quasi-orthogonal matrices is considered as a sequence of setting initial conditions, choosing an implementation method, filtering a set of generated sequences. It is proposed to accelerate the search for matrices by pre-fixing their structure and filtering the generated sequences using the Fourier spectrum. Fixing the structure involves using the symmetry properties of the desired matrices. Filtering allows you to exclude sequences with explicit spectrum outliers when forming blocks of symmetric matrices.

    Keywords: mining of matrices, Hadamard matrices, Propus conctruction, filtering sequences

  • Development of mathematical models for evaluating options for erection of inverted roofs

    The technology of erecting inverted green roof in exploited roofs is becoming increasingly relevant in modern construction in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and energy efficiency. However, the theoretical support for the design and construction of an inverted roof is still not enough – there is no comprehensive analysis of the roof structure, which would comprehensively take into account various criteria. The study developed mathematical models of three systematized groups of erection of inverted roofs (on supports, without supports and roof-parking) according to three enlarged criteria that comprehensively characterize their design: tecnological efficiency, resource efficiency and environmental friendliness. The results of the study make it possible to determine the optimal solutions for roofing at the stage of variant structural and technological design for their further improvement and application in construction practice.

    Keywords: inverted roof, exploited coating, system of criteria, systematization, structural and technological design, variant design, expert analysis, mathematical modeling, technological efficiency, efficiency, environmental friendliness

  • Investigation of the interaction of the wheel with the support base

    The article describes the study of the behavior of the reaction vector in the contact spot of the wheel with the support base when the values of the angle of rotation of the driving wheels vary. To find the dependence of the values, a MATLAB Simulink model was created with software blocks that allow determining the behavior of the reaction vector in the contact spot of the wheel with the support base when the values of the angle of rotation of the driving wheels vary.

    Keywords: controllability, mathematical model, wheeled vehicle simulation, wheel tire, wheel rotation angle, MATLAB Simulink

  • Methodology for modeling organizational risks by a company

    The main provisions of the methodology for modeling organizational risks inherent in domestic companies are considered, while taking into account such important factors as the likelihood of an accident and the severity of possible consequences. It is advisable to identify organizational risks of companies and assess them before the onset of consequences; for this, indicators are presented that help prevent the occurrence of adverse events. The onset of adverse events leads the company to deviations in the main indicators characterizing the activity. The scientific problem that requires scientists to solve is the emergence of organizational risks at the strategic and tactical levels of companies, due to fatal mistakes of management. The scientific novelty of the presented research: the main provisions of the methodology for modeling the company's organizational risks are formulated; indicators are shown that contribute to the prevention of adverse events. Further research is related to the development of methods for assessing organizational risks by domestic companies, taking into account the specific, geographical features of doing business.

    Keywords: organizational risks, indicators, factors, company, modeling, probability, assessment, methodology, results, events, consequences, indicators, business

  • Modeling of a rhombus - shaped membrane vibrations

    This paper presents a simulation of the vibrations of a membrane in the form of a rhombus. Partial solutions of the problem of free vibrations of a membrane with different initial conditions are obtained and the natural frequencies of vibrations are found. The result obtained can be used to strengthen the structural elements of aircraft with a cellular diamond-shaped structure, as well as in the design of unmanned drones of the flying wing type.

    Keywords: free vibrations of a membrane, a membrane in the shape of a rhombus, natural frequencies of vibrations

  • The concept and architecture of the platform for the implementation of system notation for the design of architectural diagrams

    The article deals with the problems of communication between the customer and the development team in the process of designing information systems. Based on the identified shortcomings of existing solutions, a conclusion is made about the need to develop a new approach and means of its implementation. The paper sets the task of developing a common model for the interaction of subjects using a single platform. The article describes the concept and modular architecture of the platform for implementing the system notation for designing architectural schemes. The modules of such a platform and its general functionality are considered.

    Keywords: information system, life cycle, developer, end user, architectural scheme, basic abstraction, subject area, systems design

  • Modern approaches to the formation of the technical customer service

    The paper considers the modern principles of the organization of the technical customer service. The disadvantages of the existing system of forming the structure of the technical customer are indicated.

    Keywords: technical customer, organizational structure, self-regulating organizations, national register of specialists, construction control ensuring production flexibility