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  • Dynamic monitoring of data parameters of lightning currents in the south of the European part of Russia

    During the year, depending on the latitude and climatic zone, the number of thunderstorms and their intensity vary greatly, these parameters decrease to the Northern latitudes due to a decrease in humidity and temperature and, accordingly, a decrease in the probability of forming conditions for the formation of convective and thunderstorm clouds. The article deals with the mechanisms of dangerous effects of lightning discharges. The electric parameters of the discharges for thunderstorm processes in the atmosphere were studied using data from the geophysical monitoring center of the FGIBU "VGI", which includes a network of sensors of the automatic thunder-gauge finder - the range finder LS8000. The results of the analysis of the recording of ground-discharge currents and the time of their growth obtained during the period of its operation are presented. The authors determined the statistical distributions of the lightning current amplitude. It is established that the discharge parameters in different regions differ and can change with time. This means that for the effective operation of lightning protection systems and the implementation of measures to ensure life safety during thunderstorms, it is necessary to monitor the lightning situation in each individual region.

    Keywords: atmospheric electricity, lightning discharges, lightning guides, lightning protection measures, life safety

  • The use of Kalman filter in processing the stroke data of the electric field of the atmosphere

    In the article, the use of digital processing to improve the quality of data obtained using the sensor network field strength measurements EFM550 production company "Vaisala" working with the hardware-software complex in the centre of geophysical monitoring of the situation over the southern region of the Russian Federation fgbu "high-mountain geophysical Institute". Explores the possibility of using Kalman filtering to Refine the data instrument measurements of the electric field of the atmosphere. A comparative analysis of the obtained stroke data of the electric field before and after filtering.

    Keywords: the electric field of the atmosphere, measuring the strength of the electric field of the atmosphere, digital filtering, Kalman filtering, mathematical processing of measurement data

  • Cluster analysis in the automatic identification and accompanied by thunderstorm cells according to the storm  DF network

    Forecast moving thunderstorm cells requires the introduction of modern methods of operational data coming to the workstations in reception centers. For the current forecast weather phenomena emerging need to isolate and analyze the movement of thunderstorm cells according to the lightning detection. For these purposes, developed and improved methods for isolation and maintenance, based on the mathematical apparatus of computer vision.

    Keywords: contour analysis, cluster analysis, hazardous weather phenomena, the current forecast, meteoradiolokatsiya, lightning detection, storm pockets