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  • Structural design of information and measurement systems for biopotential research

      The mathematical features of construction information and measuring health systems (IMS). Because biological systems are complex, not always well-defined structure, for their correct description and implementation of metrological analysis requires its imposition. Accordingly, the presentation described bioinstrumentalnoe MIS. Within the theory of metrological synthesis formulated the concept of IMS core. With the use of the mathematical theory of categories and object-oriented modeling describes the basic relationships between the elements of the core IMS. The basic position with regards to the construction of MIS based on its structure. A scheme of the developed system of environmental monitoring of water environment on the basis of an integrated assessment of water quality. The main components of the system were presented. Feature of the developed system is the consideration of non-fixed sources of pollution, which was made possible thanks to the developed method of integral evaluation.

    Keywords: Measuring health system, object-oriented modeling, method of integral evaluation