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  • Structural-parametric links of software product modules within the life cycle management system

    The article deals with the parameters of communication modules of software products within the product life cycle management system. Classification of types of connections and coupling of elements is carried out. Parameters of instability of software products are introduced.

    Keywords: life cycle, life cycle of a product, model of life cycle, innovative activity, system engineering

  • Assessment of level of horizontal communications of system components of life cycle of a product

    In article the connected hierarchical indicators of horizontal structural integration which define her global and private purposes that allows to solve problems of optimization of decisions at design of systems, planning and to operational management of system taking into account various external influences are formulated.

    Keywords: life cycle, life cycle of a product, model of life cycle, innovative activity, system engineering, entropy, law Eshbi, Shannon's formula, Hartley's formula

  • Simulation of the design activity diversification of innovative enterprise

    The article explores the vulnerability parameter, which allows to create a model of the product life cycle that takes into account the dynamics. To solve the problem posed in the article, a relationship is established between the individual and average characteristics of the product's retirement in their totality. The results obtained allowed us to formulate a methodology for determining the vulnerability parameter.

    Keywords: life cycle, probabilistic model, vulnerability, product disposal, quality, Bayes formula, system engineering