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  • Features of the dielectric hysteresis of ferroelectrics-relaxors in a sinusoidally changing electric field

    The loops of the dielectric hysteresis of a soft ceramics based on PZT with Curie temperature TC=210℃ are investigated. The studies were carried out at a frequency of 50 Hz in two modes. In the first of them, the field was switched on by 0.07 seconds, in the second - it operated continuously. The amplitude of the field E_m varied from 2.5 to 25 kV / cm and switched stepwise with an interval of 15 minutes. The coercive field EC and the switchable polarization P_m were determined. The switching polarity in the saturation region turns out to be no more, in contrast to BaTiO3 and other materials, but less than the corresponding values obtained with short-term switching.

    Keywords: piezoceramics, piezoelectric material, hot pressing, dielectric hysteresis