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  • The potential and the efficiency of mass media as the instrument of the management of public opinion

    The results of theoretical analysis of literary data about the media-centrism and the socio-centrism as approaches to consideration of opportunities of mass media as the instrument of public opinion management are presented in the first part of this article . The substantiality of the media centrists approach is explained. The insufficiently proved aspects of the socio-centrism are revealed. Conclusions of the theoretical analysis are given as argument of relevance of empirical research. Studying of efficiency of the Russian mass media as a factor of public opinion formation became the purpose of empirical research. Its results are considered in the second part of this publication. The collecting of the source data was carried out by the method of sociological poll. The respondents were interrogated about the rather preferred mass media, news telecasts, and also their representations about the more discussable events. The comparative analysis revealed the considerable similarity between positions of public opinion and character of the information patterns broadcast by the preferred TV channels.

    Keywords: media-centrism, socio-centrism, public opinion management, linear model of mass communication, step model of mass communication, "leaders of opinions", selective perception