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  • The study of the distribution of temperatures in the floor heating system

    The article discusses the influence of the distance between the axes of pipes laid on the efficiency of the temperature distribution in the floor heating system. Using the computational experiment was simulated the temperature field on the surface of the floor heating. The calculations are performed using the program ELCUT.

    Keywords: underfloor heating, numerical simulation, temperature field, the temperature of the feed piping system radiant heating

  • Research and modeling of the dynamics of loss of heat

    The paper presents a developed mathematical model for analyzing the dynamics of thermal losses. The influence of the massiveness of the enclosing structures on the propagation of the heat flux is substantiated. The developed model makes it possible to estimate how the heat load of the heating system of the room under consideration changes over time. Analysis of the dynamics of the change in the heat load can help in choosing a method for regulating the heat transfer of heating devices

    Keywords: Dynamics of heat losses, constructions of different massiveness, control range, thermal load, amplitude of oscillation