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  • Study of parameters affecting the efficiency of heat treatment of self-compacting concrete with mineral additives

    The parameters of the thermal effect on the physical and mechanical characteristics of self-compacting concrete with the addition of fly ash Novocherkassk GRES. It was found that a higher level of quality SСС with the addition of fly ash is achieved at low temperature heat treatment. The duration of the thermal effect, which depends on the required Stripping strength of the concrete, should be assigned based on the specific production conditions. The effectiveness of fly ash in self-compacting concrete mixtures is manifested in reducing the water demand of the mixture and increasing the strength of concrete after heat treatment under the condition of rational dosage of hyperplasticizer and mineral additives. The optimum mode of heat treatment of SСС should be set by the coefficient of efficiency of heat treatment.

    Keywords: self-compacting concrete, hyperplasticizer, mineral additive, concrete strength, heat treatment mode, heat treatment efficiency coefficient