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  • Design of f-theta lens for laser beam scanning

    The analysis of a two-dimensional scanner lens based on a triple lens system for a laser with a wavelength of 1.06 μm is performed. The first chapter indicates the scope and features of f-theta lenses. In the second chapter the initial conditions for the design of f-theta lens are given. In the third part, the simulation results, showing the parameters and efficiency of the system for 2 types of construction are given. The parameters and efficiency of the system are demonstrated. For each system, the optimal parameters are calculated, and the technical criteria for the possible application are outlined. The geometrical characteristics of the systems are shown, lens materials are described. A variant with a distortion of 0.0035% with a maximum focal spot of 24.9 μm was obtained.

    Keywords: scanning system, f-theta lens, optical design, laser engraving, galvo