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  • Data analysis to predict the probability of traffic accidents involving pedestrians

    The article is devoted to the collection and processing of data for training a predicting model of road accidents involving pedestrians.To identify the factors affecting the accidents was analysed of statistical information taken from the "Open Data Portal of the Moscow Government" and the portal "Safe Roads.RF", as well as from the accident cards on traffic police website.

    Keywords: traffic accident, data analysis, pedestrian safety, machine learning, gradient boosted decision trees

  • Remote monitoring of an ambulance patient

    The article is devoted to solving the problems of remote monitoring of the patient's condition using a resuscitation monitor. Tracked patient status parameters are described. Ready-made solutions for remote monitoring of health conditions are analyzed. Software for visualization and analysis of information is proposed.

    Keywords: remote monitoring, patient monitor, state of health, ambulance patient, health diagnostics, degree severity of health, condition assessment