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  • Modern forest inventory instrument

    The article describes the construction of a modern forest inventory instrument for forest inventory operations, that is a calipers and an increment borer, combined in one body. The described construction provides combination of two operations, which are determination of diameter of a tree trunk and core sampling .

    Keywords: borer, forest instrument, calipers, forest inventory

  • Synthesis of new technical solutions using functional-technological analysis with increment borer as an example

    The article presents a method for searching for new technical solutions. The method is based on a functional-technological analysis of a system, including pointing out its separate elements and studying the interaction between them. The efficiency of the presented method is shown on an example of improvement of an increment borer construction. Application of a functional-technological analysis allows bringing technics development to a new level.

    Keywords: functional-technological analysis, increment borer, patent, tree age, development matrix

  • Caliper with a built-in marker

    The article describes the construction of a modern forest instrument for forest inventory operations. The equipment consists of a caliper and a built-in marking device. The developed construction allows conducting two operations simultaneously: determination of a trunk diameter and marking a measured tree trunk. The suggested construction leaves visual marks on measured tree trunks automatically, that allows avoiding doubling of measuring results.

    Keywords: marker, caliper, trunk, taxation

  • New method for coupe demarcation

    The article examines the existing methods for coupe demarcation and the ways of fixation of wood plots at an area for future logging works. A new method is suggested, based on using RFID-technologies. Fixation of borders in this method is realized using RFID-tags with recorded information placed into the ground. Using the suggested method will allow lowering the labour intensity of coupe demarcation, fixing of exact borders of a logging site at an area, eliminating logging works out of the bounds of cutting areas, etc.

    Keywords: wood cutting area, coupe demarcation, forest inventory operations, RFID-technology, RFID-tag

  • Improvement of increment borer construction

    The article suggests improvement of increment borer construction by means of installing a ratchet into its handle. The suggested technical solution will allow increasing the efficiency of work with a borer while taking core of wood.   

    Keywords: Increment borer, preparatory works of forest logging, tree age, ratchet, core.