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  • Mathematical methods for bearings of unmanned aerial vehicles identification in a group

    The questions of mathematical interpretation of results of trajectory measurements are discussed in terms of increasing the accuracy of identification of bearings of unmanned aerial vehicles during their movement in a "swarm" - a group. Variants of identification of horizontal and spatial bearings are offered. For each of the variants, criteria are proposed for identifying the belonging of the measured values ​​to the same object in the group and the conditions for achieving them. The situation of false positives is shown. It is determined that additional identification measures are needed to eliminate false bearing triads and uncovered ambiguities, including the use of combinatorial exhaustive search algorithms. For their study, it is necessary to develop an experimental statistical model with an algorithmic description of cause-effect relationships, which is a further development of this work.

    Keywords: " unmanned aerial vehicle, group of objects, bearing identification, horizontal bearing, spatial bearing, identification criteria, false notch"