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  • Application of information modeling research the unique building of parametric architecture

    The article deals with the integration of a three-dimensional model of a parametric architecture object created by Autodesk Revit and its finite element model. The features of IFC formatting expand the possibilities of presenting design data for solving problems of integration information and computational models. The advantages and disadvantages of this approach to the modeling of unique high-rise buildings, the architectural solution of which is a complex geometric surface, are illustrated. The resulting finite element models allowed us to perform a static calculation and analyze the characteristic movements of the frame elements of a unique building. The practical significance of the presented research results lies in the possibility of using a parametric architecture for designing objects using BIM with subsequent analysis of the stress-strain state of the frame of a building or structure.

    Keywords: information modeling, parametric architecture, finite element method, architectural model, calculation model, integration, IFC formatting

  • Application of parametric design in finite element modeling

    The method of parametric modeling and design based on the example of a building is studied, the architectural image of which is a set of circular helical and cylindrical surfaces defined by coordinates through functions of the corresponding surfaces in the SAPPHIRE software. Alternative methods for specifying surfaces in the SAPPHIRE PC, AutoCAD with subsequent export to the LIRA PC for engineering calculations of the frame of the building for various combinations of loads by the finite element method are presented. The object of the study is a 360-meter-high building with a hardness core in the form of a cylindrical shell of revolution. The height of the floor is 3 m. Around the rigid shell there are three circular helical surfaces that "rise" in a spiral upward along with the core of rigidity to a mark of 360 meters from the level of the ground floor. One of the most universal ways to create a surface is to specify it through a formula, because you can easily change the shape and appearance of the surface without manually editing the geometry of the model in the drawing. The development of the parametric architecture calls for the creation of new approaches to the calculation of unique buildings and structures, the improvement of software complexes that implement the finite element method, and the appearance of new varieties of finite elements with curvilinear boundaries.

    Keywords: parametric architecture, surface, shape of the object, shell, curve, model, geometry, program, formula surface, helical surface

  • Parametric architecture

    The article considers the aspects of parametric modeling, his key features, and the question of the relevance of this direction in the design of unique buildings and structures. Are presented surfaces that have not yet acquired the mass character of design and erection, or have not been built anywhere else, but have a high potential to become in the future a great adornment of urban development. In construction, a very limited number of thin-walled structures are used: cylindrical, spherical, shallow transfer shells, conical, shells of rotation. This is only a small fraction of the existing variety of geometric shapes developed by geometers, so the parametric architecture has a great potential for application. The finite element method allows modeling objects of a parametric architecture, approximating buildings and structures with rod, plate and shell elements. The parametric architecture expands the scope of the finite element method and allows the creation of unique high-altitude and long-span buildings and structures. However, the finite element library of the software complex requires modernization and expansion to design unique surfaces of the parametric architecture.

    Keywords: parametric architecture, parametric modeling and design, surface, shell, shape, curvature