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  • Identification of concrete properties in beam type structures with defects based on dynamic methods

    The task of identifying the properties of concrete and the location of damage in the layout structures of the beam type based on the application of experimental vibration analysis is considered. As a simple analysis model, beam constructions are defect-free and with defects. Based on the experimental approach, the model oscillations with shock and vibration excitation are analyzed. Based on analytical modeling, the dynamic modulus of elasticity, the speed of sound in the beam, the location of the defect are calculated. A technique and an example of determining the location of a defect in beam-type structures is presented. The article was published as part of the implementation of the program of the International Forum "Victorious May 1945"

    Keywords: vibration diagnostics, identification, beam type construction, defect, experimental approach, analytical modeling, vibration excitation

  • The algorithm of repair work for electricity pilons of transmission line

    The article presents the algorithm of repair work for electricity pilons of transmission line.The technical diagnostics based on complex method includes a visual inspection, instrumental and vibration diagnostics for electricity pilons of transmission lines. Pilons has defects: inclined cracked faces with a length of 25-30 cm , with a crack width of 0,4-0,7 mm . Were selected effective repair compositions for restoring reinforced concrete structures rack transmission towers:modified fine-grained concrete, polymer concrete. The article presents an example of analytical modeling of natural vibrations of a reinforced concrete pilons of transmission lines with defects in the base. This article contains a list of repair works. The material presented can be used in the development of methods of diagnostics and monitoring of technical condition of different structures of the core type.

    Keywords: Algorithm, repair, category of defects, non-destructive testing methods, pilons of transmission lines, vibrodiagnostics