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  • Results of Production Rresearches of Reliability of Tunnelling Combines of Selective Action

    Details are given as for the results of production researches of reliability of Tunnelling Combines KP21, produced by JSC Kopeisk Engineering Plant, in conditions of Almaznaya Mine of Coal Company "Gukovugol" when driving preparatory developments with section up to 16 sq.m and strength of country rock up to 7 units according to Protodyakonov Rock Strength Scale. The obtained data allowed to define average operating time before breakage, as well as to make the list of details and knots having the greatest effect on reliability of the combine. The results processed allowed to calculate numerical characteristics of empirical distribution, which are similar to numerical characteristics of a random variable: ensemble average, dispersion, average quadratic deviation, variation coefficient, etc.

    Keywords: tunnelling combine of selective action, reliability, operating time before breakage