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  • Detection of a violation of electricity metering of the consumer

    The method is considered for seaching a single-phase or three-phase electricity meter with the radio control module installed in it. With the help of this module, the consumer of electric energy has the opportunity to disconnect the pecking motor of the electric meter. These actions are allow you not take into consideration actually consumed elecrtrical energy. This module is installed by the consumer illegally and when a network organization detects this , they make an act about unaccounted electric power consumption. The method is based on the measurement of the intaking power of the volt circuit by the maser gage CE601 of the analyzing counter of electrical power CE 101, with the mechanical counting mechanism. Herewith, the consumer's loading is switched off by supply feeders. This method is allow to draw the conclusions about the presence of embedded non-factory devices without disconnecting of the electricity meter from the network ( time saving ).

    Keywords: Electricity meter, loss of electrical energy, consumption analysis, commercial losses, electricity accounting