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  • Membrane technology is a modern solution to the problem of improving the quality of drinking water in rural areas

    It is noted that traditional technologies do not provide removal of organic substances from water, and primary chlorination leads to the formation of highly toxic halogen organic compounds in it. The perspective of using membrane technologies for water purification of surface sources based on: micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, allowing to solve the set task is shown. This was realized during the purification of the Don and Moscow rivers with the use of the biosorption-membrane method, which involves sorption on activated charcoal, biological oxidation of organic substances and filtration through the membrane. The obtained results give the basis for wide application of this method in treatment plants of small settlements, which is especially important for the south of the country, in particular, the Rostov region and the Republic of Kalmykia.

    Keywords: микрофильтрация, ультрафильтрация, нанофильтрация, обратный осмос, ультрафильтрационные мембраны, биосорбционно-мембранный реактор, очистка природной воды, порошкообразный активный уголь, биосорбционно-мембранный метод, мембранное фильтрование