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  • Way of coding of the information at the task of the geometrical Models of executive mechanisms of robots

    The method of coding of the geometrical information is offered at the task of executive mechanisms on the basis of use of the set set of spatial primitive things and their orientation in mobile systems of co-ordinates. The method of a designation of geometrical models of mechanisms of robots is offered. One of advantages of the developed method of representation of geometrical models of kinematic chains, possibility of more exact task of a spatial configuration of manipulators by means of use of a considerable quantity of central points and various position of volume primitive things concerning a constructive plane is.

    Keywords: Mechanisms of manipulators, geometrical models, virtual modelling of movements of robots

  • Differences of fundamental laws of government purchases existing in system

    The comparative analysis of two main current laws in the field of government procurements the Federal law No. 223-FZ and the Federal Law 94-FZ is considere  

    Keywords: contract auction, government procurements, electronic platforms, federal law, municipal order, public institutions, business concerns