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  • Mathematical modeling of the distributed ledger in the sphere of real estate lease as a network of mass service

    This article presents a mathematical model of the distributed registry as a Queuing network. The main components of this network, as well as their formal representation are considered. The model of the peer-to-peer network is visualized, the vector of the network state is defined, and the restrictions of the state space are defined. After that, the laws of distribution of individual flows and service time were presented. In addition, the design elements of the infinitesimal matrix were determined. Based on the data obtained, a simulation model of this process was produced. For simulation, the Anylogic package was used. The results of simulation were analyzed and the most optimal parameters were selected.

    Keywords: Queuing network, information security, distributed registries, computer science and engineering, mathematical modeling information system, corda

  • The use of technology of distributed registries in the design of information systems "rental properties" using artificial neural networks

    The article describes the general model of the information system for managing information flows when renting real estate using the technology of distributed registries on the corda platform. The description of participants of the information system is presented. The key concepts of the use of distributed register technology for the implementation of the information system for real estate management are considered. The methods of data analysis of the information system for real estate management are presented. A method for approximating data using the Lagrange polynomial is considered. A method for estimating the value of real estate using artificial neural network technology is described.

    Keywords: rent, real estate, data analysis, information security, neural network, distributed registries, Informatics, information system, corda