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  • Technical maintenance of ecological safety for geographically distributed systems of hazardous substances storage

    From the standpoint of environmental safety paper deals with the analysis and synthesis of geographically distributed systems for storage of hazardous substances. The main attention is paid to the technical maintenance of ecological safety of these systems which is determined by the layer of tool control system (TCS) in ecological situation monitoring channels, storage of hazardous substances and protection parameters of perimeter storage. Operation of TCS relies on the use of fiber-optic sensors based on fiber Bragg gratings in each of said channels and their methods of polyharmonic probing. Defined principles of joint measurement of temperature and pressure as the main storage options, optical absorption measurements of gas concentrations using remote multicomponent fiber optic infrared analyzer for monitoring the environmental situation are discussed. The information about the construction of storage areas perimeter security systems sensors are given. It is shown that the proposed TCS structure can be used in the design of the various systems of hazardous substances storage and is aimed at addressing issues of environmental safety in their operation.

    Keywords: geographically distributed storage systems, hazardous materials, environmental security, technical support, fiber Bragg grating, measurement of temperature and pressure, multi-fiber optical infrared gas analyzer