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  • Development of the integrated system "ObuvPro +"

    Today, one of the important indicators of production efficiency is the degree of informatization and automation of technological processes of the enterprise. Many shoe enterprises are in dire need of such tools as a quick estimate of the labor and material resources needed to manufacture products. As one of the possible options for meeting such needs, an integrated system developed by the authors of the article is proposed, the introduction of which is directly capable of affecting the competitiveness of the enterprise. The article proposes to carry out the procedure of integrating the process design system with the design system and automated enterprise management system. The article provides a detailed description of the developed information system: describes its functionality; diagrams of interaction of information processes occurring within the system are presented; describes the interaction of system components; describes the structural components of the system.

    Keywords: automated control system, software, technological process, footwear production, database

  • Development of an automated system for the sale of pharmaceutical products in pharmacies

    The modern market of goods and services is developing dynamically, which creates a need for new technical solutions that can meet changing needs. One of the main ways to increase the efficiency of commercial activity is the automation of processes and their interaction. The article describes one of the possible approaches for solving the problem of automation in the field of automation of business processes in the drug trading system. As such a solution to the task of automating business processes arising in the field of trade in pharmaceuticals, the AptekaPro information system was proposed. This article provides a detailed description of the system, its structure and principles of operation. A description of the main modules of the system and their purpose is given. It describes the main advantages that can be achieved as a result of the introduction of such information systems into commercial activities.The article was published as part of the implementation of the program of the International Forum "Victorious May 1945".

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production

  • An approach to reducing the operating time of the modified Goldberg model in solving the inhomogeneous minimax problem

    The article deals with the problem of solving the inhomogeneous minimax problem typical for the theory of schedules. This problem is NP-complete and for it there is no exact algorithm of the solution having polynomial time for problems of big dimension. A modified Goldberg model is considered as a method of solving this problem. Godberg's model is considered with several crossovers and the most effective mutation. Under certain parameters (a large number of individuals and repeats), the modified Goldberg model receives a solution for a long time, so the article analyzes in detail one of the approaches to reduce the operating time without loss of accuracy. Since it is extremely difficult and practically impossible to make calculations analytically, a computational experiment was put into operation. As a result of the computational experiment, the tables provide a comparison of the efficiency of the modified Goldberg model after the use of HT technology. The use of HT technology leads to a significant reduction in time costs.

    Keywords: single-point crossover, two-point crossover genetic algorithm, modified Goldberg model, mutation, minimax problem, scheduling theory, individual, generation, hyper-threading