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  • The motion control algorithm of a group of mobile robots in conditions of uncertainty

    The article proposes an algorithm for the functioning of adaptive motion control systems of a group of mobile transport robots in conditions of uncertainty. The algorithm was developed based on the Markov method of identification and the method of analytical synthesis of systems with control by output and effects. The adaptive control system in which this algorithm is used has direct quality indicators not worse than those specified. The proposed algorithm can be used to create control systems for technical objects of various types, with previously unknown mathematical models.

    Keywords: mobile robot, group, uncertainty, identification, Markov parameter, control by output and effects, system

  • Development of the USV path planner based on the unstable mode

    In the article, the method of designing the path planning on the basis of an unstable mode is described. This method is based on the bionic approach and does not require mapping, it reduces requirements for the sensor subsystem. In this article, we propose a method of obstacle avoidance in which an unstable mode is realized in a separate dynamic link. The output of the dynamic link corrects the desired course of unmanned surface vehicle (USV). This allows to set the unstable trajectory of motion only at the planning level, and at the regulatory level to function in a stable mode. In addition, this approach allows you to plan the direction of detour travel. Detailed description of the proposed path planner, as well as the results of the research in Matlab are provided in the article.

    Keywords: Control system, unstable mode, path planner, unmanned boat, obstacle avoidance