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Control of distributed underwater robot systems using reference adaptive model


Control of distributed underwater robot systems using reference adaptive model

Pshikhopov V.Kh., Shevchenko V.A., Medvedev M.Yu., Gurenko B.V.

Incoming article date: 16.12.2016

This paper presents an approach to organize the group control underwater vehicles based on multi-loop adaptation algorithm of position-trajectory control system of moving object, with the estimating unmeasured parameters, reference model and contour that ensure astatism 2nd order. Estimation of unmeasured disturbances on the top control level as part of the reference model, which allows for highly accurate positioning of the final master AUV in the target point specified as a parameter to the reference model. The application of the developed algorithm expedient in control systems of moving objects group, where a single object from the leading group, and its parameters are used as the parameters of the reference model. The leading mobile object control system uses an adaptive control system with disturbance estimation. The control systems of the slave moving objects using positional-trajectory control system astatism second order, thereby providing high-precision tracking of the movement of the reference mobile object.

Keywords: group control, AUV, adaptive control, reference model, position, trajectory control, estimator, parameter estimation, the mobile object