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Agent reconfigurable fuzzy heterogeneous in space solutions


Agent reconfigurable fuzzy heterogeneous in space solutions

Chernyshev Yu.O., Ventsov N.N., Dolmatov A.A.

Incoming article date: 24.05.2017

The aim of this work is to develop a model of the agent changing its own structure, and movable in the fuzzy heterogeneous search space. The need of creating these search tools solutions is caused not only by lack of data on the solved optimization tasks, but also complex computational structures used in modern information systems. The agent is represented as a point in a fuzzy heterogeneous search space, the scale of each axis of the space built on the basis of the corresponding fuzzy sets. The movement of the agent along each axis is based on the permissible operations on the elements of the corresponding fuzzy sets. An example of agent movement along the axis specified on the basis of S-fuzzy sets. To determine the stopping agent developed automatic adaptation. It is shown that changing the position of the agent in the search space not always leads to the change of uncertainty inherent in the decision, described by the agent. The novelty of the approach is to develop adaptive algorithms move the agent in a heterogeneous search space. On the basis of machine adaptation is shown the scheme of movement of the agent in fuzzy search space along the axis specified with S - fuzzy sets.

Keywords: intelligent agent, heterogeneous structures, fuzzy space, adaptation, S-fuzzy set, automatic adaptation