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Bioengineering facilities for contaminated surface runoff treatment


Bioengineering facilities for contaminated surface runoff treatment

Ulrikh D.V.

Incoming article date: 13.06.2017

The article presents the opportunity to use bioengineering facilities for contaminated surface runoff treatment. Examples of existing technological solutions are given. For instance, in the Institute of hydrobiology NAS of Ukraine the use of bioplatos as post-treatment of water in channels through which water is transported from the Dnieper, was proposed and studied; in the Engineering research center (ERC) “Potential-4” various types of engineering and biological facilities based on the closed bioplate of hydroponic type used in wastewater treatment technologies as a water-protective structure that combines the main elements of treatment using microflora immobilized on an inert substrate and higher aquatic plants, were suggested; scientists of Khabarovsk Institute of Engineering Transport have developed a method for runoff treatment from an oil refinery using a "filter" from thickets of cattail and calamus. The authors of this article presented a technological scheme for treatment both acidic and weak acidic surface runoff in bioengineering construction using macrophyte plants as a complex of hydatophytes, hydrophytes, and helophytes. It is found out that runoff treatment in the proposed facility varies from 72 to 98%.

Keywords: biological pond, biocenosis, hydatophyte, hydrophyte, helophyte, heavy metal, contaminated runoff, filtration, phytophilter, sewage treatment plant