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Predicting of degradation products of manganese nitrate


Predicting of degradation products of manganese nitrate

Starostin A.G., Kuzina E.O., Fedotova О.А.

Incoming article date: 28.10.2014

Pourbaix diagram data of manganese nitrate dissociation in aqueous solutions at 100, 250 С. The data for the study of manganese oxides phase stability at various conditions such as pH, temperature, partial pressure of oxygen, nitrogen oxide, water vapor are shown. Phase stability diagrams allow to show the influence of partial pressure of a particular gases which are introduced into the reaction zone on phase equilibrium of system and determine termination products of the reaction at different conditions. Phase diagrams of manganese compounds and thermodynamic models of manganese nitrate degradation products are plotted.

Keywords: manganese nitrate, manganese oxide (IV), redox reactions, Pourbaix diagrams, phase stability diagram