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  • Controlled parameters of grain aeration

    The author attempts to to justify the necessary process parameters controlled aeration of grain for the purpose of drying. Applied a systematic approach. The drying process is presented in the form of interaction of the "drying agent" and "grain" layer. By using elements of information theory evaluated informative value of each of the elements in the system and the system as a whole on the basis of data on the state of the grain layer. Position aeration considered as objects with distributed parameters. It has been established that adequate process control aeration sufficient to control the parameters of drying agent inlet cereal layer.

    Keywords: grain, elementary layer, active ventilation, drying, temperature, humidity, drying, agent, informative, entropy, equilibrium, bit.

  • The use of the generalized logical criterion for approximation of the efficiency area in multiobjective optimization problems

    The article considers one of the solutions to the problem of multi-criteria selection. Weights of the importance of the individual criteria are considered as uncontrolled factors and are calculated on the principle of guaranteed result at each point of the selection area. The method also allows taking into account the additional qualitative information about the DM preferences on the set of individual optimality criteria. Qualitative information about the preferences may be incomplete and may not provide a precise numerical estimates. The article provides analytical expressions for the automatic calculation of importance weights of taking into account individual preferences using the generalized logical criterion. The article considers the problem of approximating the area of efficiency in multiobjective optimization problems using the generalized logical criterion of optimality and makes the analysis of Pareto-efficiency area.

    Keywords: decision making problem, multiobjective multicriteria optimization, qualitative additional information, guaranteed result, weighting coefficients, approximation of the Pareto-efficiency area

  • Results of researches in application of technology and the equipment for flattened grain preparation in the Penza region

    Data about researches of using in the farm animals diet compound feeds based on flattened grain are provided in article. The article describes the advantages of using this kind of diets over against shredded fodder grain. The positive influence performance gain, milk production of cattle by the use of animal feed with the grain portion obtained by crushing technology are given. The grain flattening machine design with technology of an internal flattening and two rollers which novelty is confirmed with the patent for the invention is offered

    Keywords: flattening, grain flattening machine, breast, private farming, feed nutrients

  • Method of assessing coefficient of heterogeneity mixtures of granular materials

    Developed a rapid method for evaluation of the homogeneity of mixtures hardly separated granular materials, the analysis of which is the use of known methods is impossible or time-consuming. The method is based on the separation of mixture components by color using computer processing of pictures of her samples. To implement the developed computer program that can calculate the values of the coefficient of heterogeneity of the mixture, as well as other dispersion parameters.

    Keywords: express method, the concentration of the mixture, component, granular material, image, distribution, shade of gray, the coefficient of heterogeneity

  • Features Soundproofed cab design control rheostat tests of locomotives on the environmental control

    Given the description of item rheostat testing and environmental monitoring. Shows the measured sound pressure levels when performing resistance tests. Proposed effective way of sound insulation cabins operator in the form of a translucent screen, the calculation of its parameters

    Keywords: locomotive depot, rheostat tests, noise, locomotive, soundproofing, shower, environmental control, operator control and diagnostics installation, the acoustic screen

  • Innovative development of information and process logistics infrastructure regional logistics distribution centers (for example, LLC "SKLP")

    Active development of information and process technologies, as well as the tightening of competition in the market, demand research in the field of economic and organizational decisions that arise in the process and logistics of the organization of work of the regional distribution centers in the functionality of the distribution system. The article presents an integrated management system logistics processes of regional logistics distribution center (complex), which is an integrated system that combines process and information technology with the functioning of the information-analytical accounting system of the enterprise, constructed using the method of virtualizing information infrastructure

    Keywords: Logistics of distribution, the distribution system, regional logistics distribution centers, logistics provider, virtualization information and logistics infrastructure

  • Ecologically safe seedbed treatment of wheat seeds

    In the article the long-term experimental data on the effect of pre-sowing treatment of spring wheat ozone, laser, ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation, inlaid on yield, its structure and quality of grain. The results confirm the positive impact of environmentally sound ways to pre-sowing treatment to improve the yield and quality of spring wheat and can be recommended for use in cropping technology.

    Keywords: wheat, ozone, laser, ultra-violet radiation, infrared radiation, incrustation, productivity, quality of grain, experiment

  • Investigation of the influence of the physical properties of bulk cargo to the safety of their transport by rail

    investigated the effect of physical properties of the bulk of their mass. Transportation of bulk cargo in adverse weather conditions involve the risk of exceeding the carrying capacity of rolling stock. On the example of river sand are considered the basic properties of bulk cargoes and their change in the interaction with the environment. The calculations to determine the mass of a load on its humidity

    Keywords: Trains, safety, overdrive the car, bulk cargo, physical properties, load weight, load capacity of the car, rainfall

  • Promising technology for breeding plane tree for green building in the southwest of the Rostov region

    For the introduction of sycamore Spanish to in vitro culture most effectively used as explants cotyledonary leaves derived from a three-week seedlings. It is found that the optimal medium for the induction of callus formation is the MS medium supplemented with 2 mg BAP + 0.02 mg of 2,4 D + 0.2 mg IAA. Embryogenesis in callus cells of sycamore with a fairly high frequency induced on MS medium supplemented with 1 mg BAP + NAA 0.1 mg.

    Keywords: Micropropagation, virus-free plants, Platanus hispanica, green building.

  • Effect of relative air humidity on resistance of nanocrystalline ZnO films formed by reactive magnetron sputtering

    A series of samples of nanocrystalline zinc oxide films was fabricated by reactive magnetron sputtering under different regimes, heating up to 200-250 ° C and subsequent annealing. The effect of relative humidity in the range of 25-80% on the resistance of zinc oxide films was investigated. The character of the dependence of fabrication regimes on film resistance at different relative humidities was detected. The optimum conditions of insensitive to relative humidity zinc oxide films formation was obtained.

    Keywords: nanocrystalline films, zinc oxide, magnetron sputtering, electrical resistance, relative humidity

  • Econometric analysis and modeling in agriculture

    An econometric model, expressed as a system of simultaneous equations, must be constructed to analyze the crop production dependence on the investments amount, used fertilizer, number of tractors and sown arias.

    Keywords: crop production, agriculture, linear multiple regression, the system of simultaneous equations, determination coefficient, endogenous variable.

  • Innovative forms of interaction between universities and manufacturing plants

    In article it is shown that a perspective way of reduction of an acute shortage of the qualified engineering shots in the country is use of innovative forms of interaction of universities and manufacturing installations. Experience of creation on the basis of the enterprises of a machine-building division of Rosatom State corporation of JSC "Machine-building plant "ZiO-Podolsk" and JSC "Petrozavodskmash" of chair "Power Engineering" of NRNU MEPhI is described.

    Keywords: interaction, innovative forms, manufacturing installations, universities

  • Spectroscopic study of the structure of transition metal nanoparticles, with pronounced antitumor activity.

    In this work, the nanoparticles were investigated biogenic metals iron, fine and coarse copper nanoparticles, the nanoparticles of zinc test samples showed pronounced antitumor activity in the body tumor-bearing rats. Nanoparticles were introduced into the body of rats as a solution in sodium chloride .On laboratory X-ray absorption spectrometer R-XAS Looper were measured X-ray absorption spectra (XANES) of reference samples of iron, copper, zinc foil, iron oxide, copper, zinc and investigated nanoparticles. Based on the data, it was concluded that their structure, charge state and redox pure powders and sodium chloride.

    Keywords: magnetic fluid, magnetite, nanoparticles, Fe3O4, oxidation state, density, antitumor activity

  • On Zoning of the Projected University Campus

    The paper discusses the issue of necessity of creation of residential area for teachers in the territory of newly projected campuses. It allows the University to invite highly qualified teachers, including from abroad. Providing the teachers and employees of the University with flats is the practice adopted before the revolution of 1917. The paper offers the norms for designing the flats of teachers of various categories (post-graduate students, professors). The evaluation of expenditures for construction of residential premises for the teachers and employees of the University, as well as dormitories for students has been conducted. The comparison of the cost of construction with the expenditures for a full cycle of preparation of a Specialist (Bachelor) in the University has been given. The author also comes to the conclusion that the presence of a parking zone in the campus is superfluous for the territories located to the north of the middle zone of Russia. The conformance of the campus to modern environmental requirements, in the author’s opinion, may be provided not only by the creation of parks, but by using building and premises arrangement technologies that save energy.

    Keywords: territorial development, zoning, university, campus, residential area, university buildings, design, cost planning

  • Functional and technological synthesis of patentable products in the area of reforestation work

    Scientific findings of developing of patentable products in the area of reforestation work are presented in the article. Functional and technological synthesis is used for developing of patentable products. A development matrix of apparatuses for hand planting of forestry crops is developed in virtue of generalizations of patent databases. A fragment of this matrix is described in the article. Route forward of apparatuses for hand planting of forestry crops are determined in terms of the matrix. The scientific findings are four patentable products which are described with the help of text of claims.

    Keywords: Functional and technological analysis, reforestation work, manual equipment for planting of forest crops, seedlings, planting stock

  • Simulation of parallel operation of three-phase distribution transformers

    Modeling of parallel operation of distribution transformers with thyristor voltage and powe regulator are considered here. Models are made in Simulink. Structural model of parallel operation of two three-phase transformers is presented. Model allows us to study electromagnetic processes at phase by phase control.

    Keywords: three-phase transformer, parallel operation of transformer, simulation, Simulink.

  • Sufficient Conditions of Equilibrium Stability of Instantly Stiffened Hinged-Rod Systems

    The article proves the equilibrium stability of hinged-rod system made of elastic material in pretension state for the case, when characteristics of some special matrix is not negative and certain amount of zero numbers concludes it. The author estimates the possible number of compression and tie bars of the system. The article identifies the number of parameters, the change of which allows fulfilling sufficient conditions of existence of the system under research.

    Keywords: equilibrium stability, hinged-rod system, elastic material, topological construction, instantaneous lockstep, bracings.

  • Analytical dependences for the determination of a rational mode of reducing the speed forestry lorry when road restrictions

    The dependence of allowing to determine the optimal mode of reducing speed when approaching trains to areas with restrictions to ensure maximum road conditions on the average speed. The presented method will accelerate and refine the calculations in modeling the movement of logging trucks.

    Keywords: timber transport, traction calculations, traffic simulation, indicators movement, restrictions, braking

  • Software of reliability technology process of centrifugal rotary finishing-hardening treatment

    In article reviewed advanced theoretical probability models of process quality formation quality of the surface layer in a centrifugal rotary process (CSO) details. Process CSO reviewed from the point of view reliability. Based on the results of theoretical studies were proposed the dependence of the influence of the main technological parameters centrifugal rotary finishing and strengthening treatment on the roughness of the processed surface, the depth of the hardened layer and the degree of hardening. Analysis of the technology processes CSO let to identify the factors exerting a dominant influence on the productivity and quality of processing. Conducted calculations of the influence the tolerances of the main quality parameters of the surface layer and technology modes centrifugal rotary processing of centrifugal rotary treatment on the magnitude of the coefficients offset instantaneous dispersion and stock accuracy which characterize the reliability of technological processes centrifugal rotary process. By results of calculations were constructed charts. Taking the presented methodology you can choose such a combination in choosing technological processes centrifugal rotary processing what will ensure the required quality of the workpiece.

    Keywords: Reliability technology process, centrifugal rotary process, coefficients offset instantaneous dispersion, the roughness surface, the degree of hardening.

  • On the rational management and exploitation of resources in the Krasnoyarsk region

    The article analyzes the main reserves of natural resources development and investment projects for the development of the Krasnoyarsk region. More assess the forest resources of the region. Particular emphasis is placed on problems that hinder the pace of development. Highlighted the main problems of the forest sector of the region. According to the results of the analysis of the findings, which indicate the main directions of development of the region on the development and processing resources of the region. A further objective of the structural adjustment of the economy of the region is the maximum use of the resource potential and implementation as a key tool of industrial policy, the cluster approach and the model of innovative development.

    Keywords: investment project, environmental management, industrial plant, wood processing, forest resources, forestry, infrastructure, transport infrastructure, the Lower Angara region, regional economy, the exploitation of resources.

  • Remained work time forecasting of oil and gas extraction equipment with application of artificial neural networks technology

    In the article method based on application of artificial neural networks for forecasting of the remained work time on the basis of equipment operational condition analysis is considered. Transformation of telemetric data with application of a generalized Veibull distribution function had reduced influence of noise factors. Validation mechanism is introduced for increase of forecasting accuracy and definition of conditions of neural network training end. A comparative study is performed between the proposed method and known one. The results demonstrate the advantage of the proposed method in achieving more accurate remained work time prediction.

    Keywords: artificial neural network, forecasting, remaining work time, Veibull's distribution, oil and gas extraction equipment

  • Algorithms multiconnection position-trajectory control of mobile objects

    The paper considers the algorithms of position-trajectory control of mobile objects, are automatically distributed control forces and moments on the actuator. The basic control law is based on the equations of kinematics and dynamics and method of position-trajectory control of mobile objects. We consider the distribution of control forces and moments on the basis of pseudo-inverse matrix, which provides minimum MSE. This approach does not provide for preliminary separation of control channels, as is customary in classical systems of mobile objects. The proposed method is applied to the control system of aeronautical complex. The cases of excessive and insufficient number of control channels. The results of the simulation.

    Keywords: position-trajectory control, a multiply, actuators, mobile object

  • Price characteristics of transportation process in transport corridor and their improvement

    Transport corridors acquire great importance at the transport system of the Russian Federation. They exert great influence on the price of transportation of goods in comparison with the conventional main lines. In this thesis, we investigate the mechanism of making the transportation price and as a conclusion offer approaches (models) to help the managers to choose the most efficient way to transport goods in view of such important factors as cost, time and expenses.

    Keywords: transport corridors, factors of creation and effective functioning.

  • Effect of Some factors on the strength and deformability of anchors

    The analysis of the test to determine the influence of the loading rate anchors on their strength, made by European methods and guests. For comparison-tion tests performed anchors firm «HILTI» in case of termination of the anchors in the foam and heavy concrete.

    Keywords: anchoring, aerated concrete, the loading rate, strength, deformability, crack resistance, load capacity, modulus of elasticity ,modulus of density.

  • Predicting of degradation products of manganese nitrate

    Pourbaix diagram data of manganese nitrate dissociation in aqueous solutions at 100, 250 С. The data for the study of manganese oxides phase stability at various conditions such as pH, temperature, partial pressure of oxygen, nitrogen oxide, water vapor are shown. Phase stability diagrams allow to show the influence of partial pressure of a particular gases which are introduced into the reaction zone on phase equilibrium of system and determine termination products of the reaction at different conditions. Phase diagrams of manganese compounds and thermodynamic models of manganese nitrate degradation products are plotted.

    Keywords: manganese nitrate, manganese oxide (IV), redox reactions, Pourbaix diagrams, phase stability diagram