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The method of chemical modification of epoxy compositions


The method of chemical modification of epoxy compositions

Kuznetsov A.V., Petrov V.V.

Incoming article date: 16.09.2019

The article presents theoretical studies of the effect of various plasticizers on the mechanical properties of epoxy compositions. Based on this, the method of plasticization of the epoxy polymer ED-22 was chosen using the introduction of modified epoxy resin UP-563, which differs from the previously used modified compositions for repairing automotive vehicles in the field the simplicity of the availability of modifications in the field and as providing the widest range of changes in the properties of the epoxy composition for USAGE field. The scientific novelty lies in the justification for the creation of a new repair composition consisting of ED-22 epoxy-diane resin modified by UP-563 laproxil for the repair of hull and capacitive parts of automotive equipment in the field, which has increased vibration resistance. frost resistance and impact resistance.

Keywords: epoxy composition, epoxy resin, restoration, automotive engineering, body part, chemical modification, oligomer, polymer