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Projecting and calculations of the oil and gas constructions in 3D system NX siemen


Projecting and calculations of the oil and gas constructions in 3D system NX siemen

Perfilov V.A., Gabova V.V., Kretov N.D.

Incoming article date: 02.11.2020

The article contains an analysis of the design and calculation process in the 3d system NX Siemens oil and gas facilities. Research methodology - analysis of scientific literature on a given problem, as well as practical domestic experience. Creation of a 3D model of an oil and gas structure, with the possibility of changing the construction parameters at the design stage. Detailed analysis of the model, which allows you to describe in detail the stages of construction of the structure and selection for each stage of construction of specific equipment and materials. Engineering analysis modules are built into the software solution, built-in solvers are designed to calculate the different operation scenarios of the structures being developed, which make it possible to approach the real conditions of operation of the designed structure. The relevance of the use of the NX Siemens system is due to the complexity of the design of oil and gas structures and the influence of all parameters of the materials and technologies used on the performance indicators during the operation of the oil and gas structure. The same software solution allows you to prepare a complete package of design and technological documentation, prepare tasks for processing parts and materials, and ensure quality control during their manufacture.

Keywords: design, calculations, oil and gas facilities, companies, objects,