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  • Methods for determining the calculated lengths of centrally loaded steel columns when pivotally adjacent to reinforced concrete bases

    This article discusses several ways to determine the calculated lengths of steel columns in the plane of the frame. By analyzing existing techniques, the most successful method of selecting the calculated lengths for steel columns in a free multi-storey frame was determined. Taking into account the non-standard case of fastening crossbars to the considered section in the frame of the overpass, using the LIRA CAD PC, as well as the Crystal module (implemented in SCAD), the loss of stability of equally loaded elements in the most sensitive area is clearly shown.

    Keywords: Euler's formula, loss of stability, coefficient of calculated length, calculated length, coefficient of stability margin, finite elements

  • Methods for determining the bearing capacity of the supporting bases of offshore platforms under geodynamic influences in conditions of increased oil and gas production

    This article discusses the main factors leading to a decrease in the bearing capacity of the support bases and the possible loss of stability of the offshore platform, which will entail emergency consequences. The impact of free gas in the upper sections of the soil and dynamic external loads on the safety of construction and operation of oil platforms has been assessed. Calculations for the bearing capacity of the pile foundation of the support bases of the SPBU Astra in the Caspian Sea, performed according to existing methods, were analyzed. The determination of the strength of the soil is carried out for the calculated support surface – the section of the column having the maximum area.

    Keywords: geodynamic effects, bearing capacity, pile foundation, indentation depth, free gas

  • Selection of the composition of fine-grained concrete with the use of various plasticizers

    The article examines the influence of various superplasticizers on the performance characteristics of concrete. A series of tests of samples-beams of fine-grained concrete modified with plasticizers of various types was carried out. The optimal amount of the introduced additive was experimentally determined to compare the plasticizing effect of the cement-sand mixture. Experimental data are given indicating the main operational characteristics of the material depending on the additive used. The most effective additive "Polyplast SP-3" has been determined.

    Keywords: concrete, fine-grained concrete, mixture, lignosulfonates, polycarboxylates, naphthalene sulfonates, plasticizer, superplasticizer, water demand, plasticity

  • Activated dry mix for the preparation of mortars and fine-grained concrete

    This article presents the developed compositions of dry mortar mixtures for the preparation of fine-grained concrete. For the preparation of these mixtures, the technology of electromagnetic action on the dry components of solutions was applied. As a result of the use of a magnetic field to activate and increase the reactivity of the mixture, the physical and mechanical characteristics of fine-grained concrete have significantly improved. The increase in the compressive strength of the samples reached more than 70% compared to the strength of samples prepared using conventional technology without the use of magnetic treatment of dry components of the mixture.

    Keywords: dry mix, magnetic treatment, linear induction rotator, fine-grained concrete, strength

  • Features of the construction of the gravity base of the offshore platform

    This article reveals a number of examples of the features of the construction of the base of a gravity offshore platform used for the extraction of hydrocarbons. The design of the reinforced concrete base of the platform in the form of a "monopod" consisting of 8 lower cylindrical tanks and a vertical reinforced concrete support with a length of 95 m is considered. Reinforcement of the entire structure was carried out by pre-tensioning reinforcement ropes on the hardened concrete in height by mechanical means. During the construction of the gravity foundation, new compositions of heavy high-strength modified concretes with the use of microsilicon and nanocarbon additives were used. During the construction process, adjustable formwork was used along the entire height of the structure.

    Keywords: gravity platform base, monopod, pre-tension on concrete, high-strength modified concrete, towing, positioning

  • Construction of floating reinforced concrete offshore structures for natural gas liquefaction

    This article reveals a number of examples of the introduction of new technologies in construction for the implementation of new high-tech projects. Some aspects of the technology of construction of marine gravity bases for technological lines for the liquefaction of natural gas and stable gas condensate are considered. During the construction of the gravity foundation, new compositions of heavy, high-strength modified and light concrete were used, as well as the tension of reinforcing ropes on hardened concrete. During the construction process, inventory panel changeable and sliding formwork was used for various structures of complex configuration.

    Keywords: gravity type base, liquefied natural gas, post-tension, high-strength modified concrete, floating offshore structures

  • Weighting coatings of pipes made of high-strength fine-grained concrete

    In this paper, the analysis of technical solutions in the manufacturing technology of concreted pipes is considered. When constructing underwater crossings, the most reliable and effective method of ballasting is the method involving the use of pipes with a solid concrete coating. Concrete coatings, among other things, provide protection of the main pipeline from mechanical damage, as well as from the effects of an aggressive environment. The compositions of fine-grained concrete for concreting the surface of steel pipes using non-recycled waste of steel wire rope or pipe production are proposed. It has been established that the use of these wastes in certain dosages contributes to an increase in the strength of concrete, high frost resistance while reducing the amount of expensive heavy aggregates.

    Keywords: weighting pipe coatings, production waste, fine-grained concrete, strength, frost resistance

  • The use of a foundation with a grillage for the construction of a vertical steel tank in seismically active areas

    Today, the Russian Federation is among the three leaders in oil production among all countries of the world. This mineral makes up the bulk of our country's exports. The main part of the reserves of "black gold" in our country is concentrated in regions with special climatic and geological conditions (areas of permafrost and seismic activity). This article discusses measures to protect structures from seismic impacts.

    Keywords: earthquakes, construction, seismic activity, oil, seismic protection, petroleum products, structures, mining, vertical steel tank

  • Features of construction of vertical steel tanks of large capacity for storage of petroleum products in special climatic conditions

    The Russian Federation is one of the leaders in the production and processing of oil, gas and petroleum products. Literally 100 years ago, mankind did not know how to properly, and most importantly carefully, store petroleum products. The construction of vertical steel tanks is different from the construction of ordinary (civil) buildings and structures. The specifics of the construction of reservoirs are discussed in this article.

    Keywords: foundation, reservoir, oil, petroleum products, construction, frost heaving, permafrost, installation

  • Fine-grained nanomodified concrete

    The article presents the results of experimental studies. The optimal time of dispersion of the mixing water together with the nano-additive has been determined. The results of experiments to determine the effect of carbon nanotubes and plasticizer on fine-grained concrete are also presented. Strength characteristics were determined for the studied compositions. Based on the data obtained, the effect of the dispersion time was determined, as well as the effect of the combined use of the SikaVC 5-500 plasticizer and carbon nanotubes "Taunit-M".

    Keywords: fine-grained concrete, carbon nanotubes, ultrasonic dispersion, plasticizer

  • Features of the construction of a Polar gas turbine power plant at the Vankor field

    The construction of a Polar gas turbine power plant is carried out on permafrost soils. Features of the construction of reinforced concrete structures of foundations and other elements in the permafrost zone implies high requirements for strength, density and frost resistance. A new composition of the concrete mixture with improved physical and mechanical properties is proposed. Superplasticizing additives and production waste are used in the composition of the concrete mixture.

    Keywords: foundation, permafrost, borehole piles, superplasticizer, sulfuric acid sludge, concrete mix, strength, frost resistance

  • " A mixture for the construction and repair of reinforced concrete structures of oil and gas storage facilities"

    The article proposes new compositions of a fast-hardening concrete mixture using Portland cement, fine and coarse aggregates, basalt fiber, a complex modifying additive including acetone-formaldehyde resins and magnesium chloride (bischofite). The results of scientific and experimental studies are presented and the influence of the proposed additives on the formation of the structure, rheological and physico-mechanical properties of fast-hardening concrete is determined. Analysis of the test results showed that the proposed formulations, including a complex additive and basalt fiber, contributed to a decrease in the water-cement ratio, increased mobility of the mixture and increased strength of hardened concrete in the early and final hardening periods.

    Keywords: concretes, oil and gas storage, modifying additives, fiber, mobility, setting time, strength

  • Construction of pipelines in permafrost conditions"

    The article discusses the features of pipeline construction in permafrost conditions. Classical technical methods of design and construction are economically unprofitable. It is necessary to introduce new design solutions that can significantly reduce the anthropogenic impact of the pipeline on permafrost soil with a minimum of construction and subsequent operation costs.

    Keywords: pipelines, permafrost, special supports, thermal insulation of the pipeline, thermal stabilization

  • Expanded fiber gypsum material

    The article considers the relevance of the use of nanomodified concrete in construction. The compositions of the studied mixtures are given, as well as the methods of their preparation using ultrasonic dispersion, the results of the experiment on the destructive effect of standard samples of beams are obtained. The conclusions of the obtained experimental data are presented.

    Keywords: concrete, foam concrete, carbon nanotubes, superplasticizer, dispersion

  • Fibroconcrete compositions for floor coverings in the construction of industrial and civil structures

    The results of the development of compositions of fibroconcrete floor coverings and the technology of their preparation for use in structures during the construction of industrial and civil structures are presented. The effectiveness of the use of polymer and basalt fiber fibers, as well as plasticizing additives in the manufacture of fine-grained fiber concrete is substantiated. As a result of the conducted experiments, the composition of fine-grained fiber concrete with the use of basalt fibers as fillers is proposed. Based on the calculation of the estimated cost, it was found that the use of fiber fibers in the concrete mixture instead of laying metal mesh allowed to reduce labor costs by about 2 times, reduce the amount of binder, and also improve the performance characteristics of floor coverings by increasing crack resistance and corrosion resistance.

    Keywords: floor coverings, fiber-concrete mixture, superplasticizer, basalt fiber, strength