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  • Selection of the composition of fine-grained concrete with the use of various plasticizers

    The article examines the influence of various superplasticizers on the performance characteristics of concrete. A series of tests of samples-beams of fine-grained concrete modified with plasticizers of various types was carried out. The optimal amount of the introduced additive was experimentally determined to compare the plasticizing effect of the cement-sand mixture. Experimental data are given indicating the main operational characteristics of the material depending on the additive used. The most effective additive "Polyplast SP-3" has been determined.

    Keywords: concrete, fine-grained concrete, mixture, lignosulfonates, polycarboxylates, naphthalene sulfonates, plasticizer, superplasticizer, water demand, plasticity

  • The mechanism of loading of piece cargoes of cylindrical shape

    Currently, loaders for piece loads used in the technological process of loading-transporting and laying barrels of oil are widely used in industry. In particular cases, during loading and transport operations, the functionality of the loader is sufficient, but when laying cargo or obstacles occur, it is necessary to maneuver using the loader chassis, which significantly increases the execution time of the technological process. The results of the conducted studies have shown that when performing the technological operation of capturing, transporting and stacking barrels, the time to move the chassis is up to 12%, while the loader performance coefficient is 0.65. Numerical modeling of the positioning process of the load-handling body of the output link of the loading and transport unit is carried out, on this basis, a loader design based on a stacker is proposed and developed. The degree of mobility of the manipulation mechanism is calculated.

    Keywords: numerical modeling, loader, manipulator, hinges, chassis, structural analysis, degree of mobility, kinematic analysis, service area, lifting body, mechanism

  • " A mixture for the construction and repair of reinforced concrete structures of oil and gas storage facilities"

    The article proposes new compositions of a fast-hardening concrete mixture using Portland cement, fine and coarse aggregates, basalt fiber, a complex modifying additive including acetone-formaldehyde resins and magnesium chloride (bischofite). The results of scientific and experimental studies are presented and the influence of the proposed additives on the formation of the structure, rheological and physico-mechanical properties of fast-hardening concrete is determined. Analysis of the test results showed that the proposed formulations, including a complex additive and basalt fiber, contributed to a decrease in the water-cement ratio, increased mobility of the mixture and increased strength of hardened concrete in the early and final hardening periods.

    Keywords: concretes, oil and gas storage, modifying additives, fiber, mobility, setting time, strength

  • Mechanism for lifting small-piece loads from paving slabs

    In industrial production, stacker loaders used for loading and transporting goods packed on pallets are quite widely used in warehouse work. Basically, when performing a loading and transport technological operation, the functionality of the stacker is sufficient. When an obstacle appears or pallets are stacked, additional maneuverability is required, as a result of which the overall performance of the loader is lost. As a result of the conducted research, it was found that when bypassing obstacles and laying pallets, the time spent on maneuvering the chassis is up to 13%, while the utilization factor of the loader-stacker in terms of productivity is 0.7. Numerical modeling of the positioning process of the load-handling body of the loading and transport unit was carried out, on this basis, the design of a loader-stacker with expanded functionality was proposed and developed, in particular, the service area increased due to the use of a tripod manipulator and two guide actuators, which reduces the time of the technological operation of loading and unloading pallets in warehouse work. Geometrical, structural and kinematic parameters of the loader mechanism are calculated.

    Keywords: numerical simulation, loader-stacker, service area, lifting body, manipulator, hinges, chassis, structural analysis, geometric analysis, kinematic analysis, executive drive, pallet