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  • The mechanism of loading of piece cargoes of cylindrical shape

    Currently, loaders for piece loads used in the technological process of loading-transporting and laying barrels of oil are widely used in industry. In particular cases, during loading and transport operations, the functionality of the loader is sufficient, but when laying cargo or obstacles occur, it is necessary to maneuver using the loader chassis, which significantly increases the execution time of the technological process. The results of the conducted studies have shown that when performing the technological operation of capturing, transporting and stacking barrels, the time to move the chassis is up to 12%, while the loader performance coefficient is 0.65. Numerical modeling of the positioning process of the load-handling body of the output link of the loading and transport unit is carried out, on this basis, a loader design based on a stacker is proposed and developed. The degree of mobility of the manipulation mechanism is calculated.

    Keywords: numerical modeling, loader, manipulator, hinges, chassis, structural analysis, degree of mobility, kinematic analysis, service area, lifting body, mechanism